Joie De Vivre – A Boutique Villa Resort

Joie De Vivre, nestled in the idyllic village of Nago, Goa is a boutique villa resort which exudes warmth and charm the moment you step in.  The extra touch of hospitality that seem
missing in any luxury five star properties can be witnessed here. Added features
also include special attention.

We checked in the morning. A small reception area makes you
feel as if you have come home. As the name suggests, Joie De Vivre means
cheerfulness. You can experience simple happiness in the atmosphere of the
We were given a villa that had a drawing and dining, two
rooms and three balconies. The villa felt like my own home with a beautiful
balcony that had the most exotic view of fresh flowers hanging from a tree that
I could almost touch.
As I take a tour of the property, I observed that each of
the villas featured contemporary décor with a tailored look that is simple and
bright, yet elegant and timeless.
The resort
seemed an indulgent home stay for families seeking tranquility among tropical
splendor. The fresh air surrounding the resort seemed as if nature had hung up
a permanent ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign.
The residential style of their villas makes them the perfect
escape for an extended stay soaking in the picturesque scenery and listening to
the sound of birds.
Simple hues of each
villa are juxtaposed against lavish fabrics, adding a vibrant textural element
to the space, while dramatic lighting and beautifully finished woodwork
complete the look.
The entire experience is complimented by a service
experience designed by their ever smiling servers who diligently ensure each
guest is well taken care of. The subtle furniture complements the tiled floors of
the space, providing a dramatic update to the rooms. Floral and botanical
elements are visible from each balcony of the villa that enlivens the resort.
We order some food from the kitchen that is adjoining the
reception area. It takes an hour for the food to arrive, but each item that we
ordered was worth the wait. The Indian cuisine spread lavishly on the table
comprised of chicken saag waala, daal,
rice, curd and Indian breads. The chicken
saag waala
and daal were price
After a hearty lunch we preferred to take a small nap while
enjoying the melodious sounds of birds performing their nocturnal opera.  I woke up to the sound of the koyal bird and ordered
some tea. Sitting in the balcony and gazing at the birds and flowers seemed the
most priceless moment for me.
After tea, I took a small walk around the property and sauntered
past a small pool in the centre that had beautiful trees with the most exotic red
flowers. A variety of chirping birds seemed music to the ears compared to the
gnarling sounds of vehicles in Delhi.
It’s always advisable to take a scooty to drive towards the
city, as the resort would seem far flung for people who love to party and move
around hot spots like Calangute, Baga, Anjuna, Mapusa and Panjim that are all
easily accessible from Nagoa. However, we preferred to take it easy and enjoy our
time at the resort.
The nearby village walk was a great idea to mingle with
people nearby and witness the beautiful array of trees. It’s a rare sight in
the metropolitan cities. A nearby bakery that is a stone throw away from the
resort is the perfect answer to home made cakes. So if you have a party
celebration at the resort, it can be made special with soft cakes ordered from
the shop. I ordered for a marble cake and loved the freshness and taste.
It was getting dark and I moved towards the resort. Dinner time
consisted of simple Indian food again that we relished whole heartedly. We slept
comfortably and woke up the next day to chirping sounds of the birds. After a
warm breakfast of poha and eggs, we left with a heavy heart from the resort.There is something special at Joie De Vivre that makes you
feel at home throughout the stay.
The place is not just any vacation; you might
even get lost in the serene essence and colonial charm. If you are looking for
a place to take back memories for a lifetime, visit Joie De Vivre .
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