Embracing tranquility at The Manor: Luxury Apartments in the Hills

‘Home away from Home’ – is what I would sum up my experience at The Manor Luxury Service Apartments, Naldehra. Around 4 hours from Chandigarh, The Manor is tucked away in the midst of Auramah Valley.

This is to keep in mind the goal of guests returning back home feeling refreshed, enlivened, and inspired, with a new sense of ‘weightlessness’. The nature-immersive apartments perched on an expansive land features and 15 apartments that celebrate the fine art of living.

The Manor enjoys a spectacular location that leaves guests with an incredible feeling of awe. The property is built atop a towering cliff. Taking full advantage of this incredible location, majority of the rooms and suites offer unobstructed and breathtaking views of magnificent mountains.

During the summer months, the panoramic view from the apartments also perfectly frames the sunset at the horizon. Due to its location and its heart-stopping view, the apartments are the perfect holiday destination for travelers who seek serenity and calm.

The property feels more like personal residence, with several light-filled rooms and a gorgeous courtyard leading down from the restaurant area to the unending vistas of the hills, the beating heart of the property.

Immersive Luxury apartments – The Manor Naldhera

The first immersive experience at these luxury apartments are of its kind in Himachal. The Manor features 15 apartments for guests. There are 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHK apartments, most of them coming with spectacular views.  

The architectural concept of The Manor was guided and executed by a renowned multidisciplinary design studio which also contributed to the design concept of the Auramah valley. To align with the commitment to preserving, respecting, and connecting with the local landscape, the apartments were built while integrating architecture and design with nature. In doing so, the wild forest also remains untouched.

The ultra-luxe Manor offers a huge living room decorated with the finest artifacts, intricate art work on the walls, figurines decorated beautifully and sliding doors that open to far flung views of the mountains caressing the floating blue clouds.

Perfectly blending in the blue and green hues of the surrounding landscapes, the interiors of each apartment feature a mix of contemporary design elements and traditional architecture.  A collection of colorful murals add a quirky and playful touch to the decor.

A fully functional kitchen with micro-wave, fridge, dishwasher, and cutlery is all kept to add to the guests’ comfort. Two well-designed bedrooms add to the comfort level with soft linen bedspreads on the king beds, fluffy pillows, only making the experience of the stay-cation an enriching one.

Boca Mario – A Multi-cuisine restaurant

One of the many architectural highlights is the resplendent  welcome on arrival in their award winning restaurant Boca Mario.  The restaurant was once the abode of the owner, who had created the marvel with his passion in interiors. The cozy vibe in the dining and the fresco seating with breathtaking views all sum up as a peaceful haven. The food here needs a special mention as the chef had curated some of the finest dishes for us.

Our breakfast used to be a mix of continental and Indian dishes. The fresh and hot omlette, crisp bacon, toasts and hash browns with a hot cup of Hazelnut coffee was perfectly paired with far flung views of the mighty mountains. They have other dishes like dosa with sambhar and chutneys, potato curry with puris. I have never enjoyed breakfast with such spectacular views.

The service at the restaurant is always prompt and efficient. Lunch at the restaurant took us by surprise with its gastronomical fare of Himachal cuisine with vegetables, lentils, fresh breads and desserts.

The enormous fare is enough to please the palette and soul. The chilly winter nights at The Manor were best as we would huddle around the fireplace and enjoy a glass of wine and small bites tempered with conversations and a starry night to gaze into.

Nature walks and yoga in the woods

Being a yoga over, I was more than elated to learn about the fact that the property conducts yoga in the forest.  The early morning walk, with the chirping sounds of birds, gentle breeze and the sight of the rising sun was an experience I shall cherish forever. The yoga practice in the forest with meditation is something that I would highly recommend.  The silence in the woods is simply perfect for the harmony between the mind, body and soul.  

Spa at the Manor

The spa at The Manor has some of the finest therapeutic massages for a relaxing experience. Guests can enjoy the spa therapy of their choice with aromatic oils and a soothing experience. Located on the first floor of the club, the spa is worth experiencing. You can also enjoy a therapeutic massage in the comfort of your own apartment. The equipment will come with the masseur, who will ensure to make you relax while you drift to a deep sleep.


Although The Manor has such beautiful views that you would want to sit in the balcony and gaze into the scenic surroundings, there are several indoor activities that you can indulge in. The heated pool, snooker table, carom are some of the facilities offered in the club, which is primarily for members.


As a dedicated, immersive, and interactive haven of solace, The Manor literally aims to offer guests a home away from home, where they are invited to reunite with themselves and celebrate the wisdom of nature.

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