The Zuri White Sands Goa, Resort and Casino – A Romantic Getaway

Although Goa has a reputation for
being inundated with wild party goers who run amok, there are plenty of reasons
why you can literally stay at the resort and not budge from there. 
The Zuri White Sands Goa, Resort and Casino is one such place. 

Zuri Beach Resort is defined by its unique five-star appearance that showcase innovative design and high-end luxury at each corner. The Resort is a 45-minute drive from the airport and is located right in the heart of Goa.

The wide stretch of tranquility is intimate,
romantic, and ideal for couples craving a more personal beach vacation.
Contemporary décor and eco-friendly initiatives complement a welcoming ambiance
that creates an easy camaraderie for the guests.  


I would call it to be an eclectic array of modern and traditional setting
that is positioned for guests to make the most of this vibrant area.
property stands just minutes away from the magnificent Varca beach. When we
reached the hotel, we were served a chilled glass of beer and were ushered to
our room.

This ultra-stylish resort features an all day coffee shop with amazing varieties of Indian, Goan and Mediterranean options, Japanese
Restaurant called Sake and a trendy pool side bar.

The Room
Mostly each room at the ground
level come with signature vistas. The sleek and cozy interiors have been
designed to complement and frame the sweeping views.
The rooms feature understated
decor,with all luxury commodities like complementary wi-fi, ironing
facilities, a writing desk and luxury amenities in the washroom.
Our room opens
up to the main pool that was just a few steps away. There was a welcome cake placed on the table; a token of warm wishes
from the staff for my daughter’s birthday. The only negative thing was an unusual stench in the room.
The Coffee Shop
We moved towards the coffee shop where
a buffet lunch awaited us. The Murgh Tulsi
Ka Shorba
was the highlight of the lunch menu. After an enormous North Indian meal, I meander around the gardens.
My walk takes me to the white
sands that feel like silk sheen under my feet. It was heavenly!
We moved towards the poolside and
enjoyed a dip. Watching the sun slide into the sea from the pool is one thing I
cannot forget ever.
Sake – Traditionally Chinese
The sous chef was aware that it
was a special day for my daughter. He curated a fabulous dinner for us that
included fish, chicken in basil, Chicken dimsum and chicken satay with peanut
butter sauce. The succulent platter was irresistible and we enjoyed them till
the last bite. However, the icing on the cake was the dessert that floored us.
A chocolate and mango surprise was presented in the most delicious manner. We adored
the desserts.
The hotel has done a superb job
of creating a luxe home away from home. If you are looking for a romantic escapade
or a mini vacation with your family, you must visit this place.
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