Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital – A Luxury center in North Delhi

Maharishi Ayurveda, a pioneer in Ayurveda has literally won my heart with its professional ethic and an empathetic approach to a disease-free nation.


Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital embodies the visionary philosophy of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ji, dedicated to establishing a holistic healthcare system for a disease-free society and nation.

The brand literally rests on the model of serving humanity with branches well spread in philanthropy and other medical assistance to guests, both in-bound and out-bound. The brand has multiple outlets in Delhi NCR and other states.

Maharishi Ayurveda wellness combines 30 years of ancient healing with modern science and medicine to reconnect mind, body and soul. The wellness clinic is the result of Maharishi’s experience at the forefront of the wellbeing industry over the last 30 years.

It harnesses the knowledge and expertise gathered on Maharishi’s journey since launching its first wellness center in 1995. The recently refurbished hospital gives a luxury resort feeling in Delhi. The hospital has yoga and meditation programs; wellness and lifestyle products; a global network of acclaimed wellness specialists; and innovative, regenerative modalities and medical services.

Working in partnership with each guest, the wellness experts curates a wellness journey that supports every aspect of their life. This includes rest, recovery and regeneration as well as detoxification, movement, and optimization, following principles such as balance and mindful living. Yoga, Pranayama Breathing and Meditation Programs reinforce the link between mind, body and soul, with one-on-one and group sessions with renowned experts.


Located in Shalimar Bagh, in North Delhi, the hospital is the first NABH-approved Ayurveda hospital in North India, that is also CGHS empanelled.  The fourth generation of the wellness brand has forayed with a smarter and luxury vision. Lakshman Shrivastava, the Director, Maharishi Ayurveda comes with a rich experience in Ayurveda, and abides with the simple rule of healing patients with a devoted team of doctors and healers.

Maharishi hospital elevates guests’ wellness experience far beyond the pampering treatments and massages found at a typical wellness center or resort spa. Linked by mindful transcendental meditation, that is guided under supervision and offer a drastic change in the overall personality of the guests.  Complementing the setting , the hospital includes refurbished deluxe rooms, consultation room, therapeutic massage rooms, a state-of-the-art yoga hall, a restaurant and a new fresco café.


Maharishi Ayurveda includes an Ayurveda doctor, who diagnoses the health with a pulse check, a trained yoga and meditation expert, a chef who creates Ayurveda and traditional cuisines with healthy ingredients based on dosha types and highly trained therapists. The resident team is complemented by a network of wellness specialists, selected for their expertise across a full spectrum of wellness practices and healing methodologies.

The healing campus or the hospital has a beautiful reception, where guests are welcomed with a tikka, a garland and a small arti. Following the old age tradition of atithi devobhava, the staff ensures guests feel welcome till they leave the premises. The tradition then continues with blessings from the in-house priest, who chants mantras for the well-being of the guest, praying for their overall wellness.

Cascading down from the lobby towards the end, the main reception area takes center stage that is also connected to the medicine store, keeping in mind the luxury aesthetics. It literally feels like a glamorous wellness retreat, complete with beautiful décor in the lobby pavilion.

I was escorted to the yoga hall in the far end of the hospital. The yoga class began with simple asanas followed by pranayama, taught by the in-house yoga guru.


After the yoga class, I was led to my room. Located on the second floor of the hospital was my luxury room. Decorated with soft pastel shades in hues of white and pale brown, the room featured a bedroom – with a desk, 2 beds with soft bedspreads, fluffy pillows and a duvet. The table had aggarbatis, kapha teas and water bottles.

There was a large window with a sleeping space area to soak in the sunrays peeping in the room. This became my favorite spot as I loved to absorb the sunshine.  

The entrance of the room had a large bathroom with a wide wash-basin, Ayurveda toiletries, brushes made with wood, sulphur free toothpaste, neem soap and shampoo, soft hand towels, big towels and two big bathrobes. The rain shower area was spacious and well equipped.


Everything begins with the pulse diagnosis – every ailment, big or small. Our body is made of 5 elements and there are three doshas dominating and entire being – vata, pitta and kapha. A misbalance in the prakriti, leads to dis-ease in the body. To regulate the functioning of these doshas, it is mandatory to understand their function. After my diagnosis, I was surprised to find my kapha dosha unbalanced. The Ayurveda doctor, who comes with an extensive experience in her domain, helped me with the correct diet, exercises and advised me to meditate. She also prescribed me for abhyangam, a massage that helps in relaxing the mind, body and soul.


The in-house restaurant

The Hospital has an in-house dining area, where guests are served with healthy food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are infused water and concoction drinks made with cumin, placed on the dining table that guests can drink all day long.

Soma – The Ayurveda Kitchen

Situated out of the hospital’s main building, the newly opened Soma Cafe is the all-day dining venue. This luxury outdoor cafe with open kitchen serves up an array of continental and Indian dishes made with the freshest ingredients accompanied by the dramatic backdrop of the swaying trees and the garden area. This is also the place where you will start your day with an energizing breakfast.

There are also live cooking demonstrations for the in-house guests to get them acquainted with the recipe and the fresh ingredients. The café also serves light lunches during the day, such as avocado toast, raagi idlis and beetroot dimsums.

I have to admit that these were the most delicious and healthy dishes I have ever tried. The cottage cheese in the dimsums are light and fluffy, making them easy to digest and delicious to taste. The avocado toast won my heart with its subtle flavors, healthy seasoning and crisp toast, made with perfection.


After a light meal, followed by some rest, I was escorted to the therapy room. What I loved was the personal attention and hospitality the team ushers in taking care of the guests. I was made to wear the bathrobe and led to the Ayurveda room. Two therapists led me to a big therapy room, equipped with a big wooden bed, steam bath, chair, an urn with warm water.

The temperature of the room is perfect for therapies. My odyssey towards wellness and dextofication began with a warm oil head massage, while dipping my feet in warm water in the urn. After 10 minutes of a relaxing head massage, I lie down on the bed, all set for abhyangam – a full body massage with herbal oil. The massage is done with two women who apply moderate pressure using both their hands. The massage lasts for 30 minutes and gets rid of stiffness, thereby promoting relaxation and rejuvenation.

Maharishi Ayurveda hospital left a very positive impression on me with its professional ethic, warm hospitality, ayurveda therapies, diet and consultation. I would highly recommend this place for a deep cleaning, detoxification and their panchkarma therapies. You can come for a cleansing program or enroll for a longer duration.

For consultation and appointment, you can reach out to them here.

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