Tattva Spa , Radisson Blu Gurugram – A Luxury spa near the corporate hub

These days, spas are mushrooming across the city that promise a good ambiance and aroma but very rarely target the specific ailment. After my experience with Tattva at Unora spa, Le Meridien, I came to know that Tattva Spa promises holistic well-being and offers remedies that last for a longer duration.  I visited the Tattva Spa @ radission Blu Udyog Vihar to review their signature therapy and was very impressed with their service.

I have to admit this was a very unconventional and yet a delightful experience. We had booked for an hour long session on a weekend. Dodging the traffic to reach the destination was a smooth task, as there was a relaxed spa session awaiting me. The moment we arrived in the spa premises, a vibrant positive energy surrounded me. I could feel the tiredness withering away when I checked in.

First Impressions

Tattva Spa is an exercise in understated luxury. Detailed architecture transforms the space into a paradise. Lamps with aromatic oils cast a soft glow while earthen pots filled with flowers infuse a relaxing environment. 

The lovely attendants and the spa manager simply took away the tiredness of the long drive. While glancing at the menu, I found their Thai therapies quite promising. We booked a Swedish massage therapy that was for an hour.

Safety and hygeiene

Each room @at the spa is dedicated to different styles of massage including traditional Ayurveda, Thai and Traditional massages. Rooms are sanitized after each treatment.

The staff is vaccinated and always wears masks for a safe massage experience.

The Therapy

Plush robes and slippers are given to guests and valuables are kept safely in the locker. I was instantly relaxed as I glided into the soft robes and lied on the table.  The soothing aroma and music is so relaxing that you tend to doze off.

The 60 minutes Swedish therapy is a conjugation of soft strokes and gentle movements that help the guest to unwind completely. The part of the body that needs extra attention is given more attention.

The gentle aroma helps in calming the nerves and accentuate in calming the nerves. The feeling is blissful when the massage is initiated. The luxurious massage helped me to relax completely and give an overall feeling of goodness from head to toe.

She carried out a complex series of strokes. I confess by this time that I had completely lost touch with reality and just drifted away into deep relaxation. I could feel my dry skin getting moisturized.  After a warm shower, I could feel my skin smoother and softer.

The experience at the spa was delightful and relaxing. I would recommend people looking for good spas to visit the Tattva Spa
at Radisson Blu and experience a phenonemal massage therapy.

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