Discover Vythri with the Windfower Resort and Spa

Delhi tends to take a toll on your lifestyle with its sweltering heat and rising pollution level. That’s when I decided to take a break and connect with myself amidst peaceful surrounding.

My calling was God’s own country – Kerala, where I was stayed at The Windflower Resort and Spa Vythiri. Located amidst lush coffee and tea plantations in Wayanad, the Windflower Resort and Spa is a jewel of Kerala that is tranquil and mesmerizing. 

The resort is made on coffee plantations, retaining the traditional Kerala culture and warmth of the local people.  Swaying palm trees, tea plantations and mist became a part of my dreams the moment I boarded the Jet Airways flight to Bangalore from Delhi. The flight takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes to reach.

The odyssey towards the resort is as enchanting as the destination. Swaying trees all lined up on the way was a blissful sight.

A forest reserve area with animals and birds in their full glory can also be witnessed. It started raining on the way, but the gleaming leaves accentuated the beauty of the landscaping. I could feel myself starting to unwind as I left behind the noise and congestion of the metropolitan city.

The further up the hillside you go, the quieter life becomes and the dense forest rises up the hillside behind. Each time this year when the monsoon comes knocking in this part, the tea plantations are at their best.

As we round the last hillock, my shoulders tend to relax. The atmosphere changed drastically, and a more peaceful scene
comes into view – the calm after the storm.

Once you reach the Resort, one of the first things you notice is the lush greenery on both sides of the resort. The management of the resort and spa has spent a lot of time and money on the landscaping and water features to complete the overall feeling of relaxation.

The expansive 25 acres of luxurious landscaping, the majority of this being beautifully manicured with large swatches of grass and an abundance of water features, with the Buddha statue mesmerized me to a level I cannot express.

The Windflower Resort and Spa Vythiri reception area is a work of architectural art with high wooden ceilings, a water feature and comfortable large sofas to stretch out upon.

A large earthen bowl with seasonal flowers makes the welcome more alluring. From the moment you arrive, you know you are in good hands. The array of artwork in the lobby gives the hotel a very creative atmosphere.

The hospitable and attentive staff ensure your check in is pleasant and seamless. They are polite, helpful and genuinely happy to serve. I was escorted to my own private haven, a villa, aptly referred to as ‘A home away from home’. There are a variety of rooms and suites available, all offering magnificent plantation views and all come with spacious private balconies.

The main areas within the resort are well connected by covered walkways to protect you from any unforeseen downpours. Windflower Resort & Spa Vythiri is situated on 25 acres of coffee plantations which means that at no time do you feel cramped or hemmed in.

There are suites and villas in the expansive property. Whatever accommodation you decide to stay in, you will find it well equipped
with high quality linens, and free wireless internet available throughout the resort.

On my way, one of the striking things that I noticed is the attention to detail, whether it is the greenery or the general construction. The villas and suites within the resort are of a modern contemporary design, with plenty of internal wood and high ceilings complimented by a multitude of lights.

Accommodation with balconies have wonderful views, plantation set up to resemble a traditional Kerala village, all surrounded by coconut trees and tea plantations.

My villa had every detail in check. Large beds, with excellent mattresses that ensured comfortable re-energizing night’s sleep, an LCD TV with a wide range of satellite channels including CNN, Star, Sony and the major movie channels.

The usual conveniences expected of a high quality resort included an electronic safe, mini-bar, hair-dryer, lotions and a well appointed bathroom.

Besides that my villa had a private balcony, a dedicated lounge area and. To complete the romantic ambiance there is also a forest view Jacuzzi tub. The experience in the shower that overlooks the green belt is mesmerizing. The privacy is uncompressing and the feeling is luxury at par with the royals.

I glanced at the flowerbeds and shrubbery, trees and bushes manicured to very high standards, villas and suites all clean and well maintained. The water features are also of particular note, with ponds stocked with fish all accompanied with the soothing sound of running water.

The pool within the Resort is truly a sight to behold. This huge pool is complimented by a well manicured garden. Surrounding the pool are various sections to relax with like sun loungers, tables and chairs strategically placed within the landscaped grounds.

Coupled with the wide variety of flora and fauna, listening to the sound of running water and gazing at the coffee plantations, I could feel a certain connection with Nature.

I found just walking around the extensively landscaped grounds and gardens enough exercise to prepare myself for a scrumptious breakfast.

Dining at Windflower Resort and Spa Vythiri

The restaurant is huge, bisected with beautiful ornate columns with a buffet and kitchen section on the far side that extends the full width of the restaurant.

The outdoor of the restaurant was the perfect place to dine while enjoying the beautiful surrounding echoing purity and freshness.
The gentle downpour the night before left a clean refreshed look in the
atmosphere, where every leaf shone and glistened.

The range of breakfast buffet consisted of various freshly cooked traditional dishes, a wide range of contemporary and western food, a huge range of bread and pastries, yogurts, fresh fruit, freshly squeezed juices and a selection of cereals.

These consisted of a multitude of freshly sweet breads, ornately decorated cake desserts, traditional Southern desserts and many more. The food was all cooked and presented to a high standard prompting us to remark that it was one of the best buffets that I have had the
pleasure of eating.

The nearby tea plantation factory is the tour that the resort always has in store for the guests. The process of tea plucking and processing through various machines is explained by the manager of the factory during the walkthrough. It was amazing to watch the preparation of the most loved beverage of our country.

We visited the nearby dam to witness a large lake that had some sports activities like jet skiing and boating and then went to an adventure camp that had kayaking and flying fox as their major attraction.

The staff had a wonderful surprise planned for me at the resort. A beautiful arrangement of local flowers and a platter of colorful dishes spread on a banana leaf was the surprise element in store for me.

The occasional feat called Onam Sandhya usually is arranged for guests on special request that comprises of traditional South Indian delicacies prepared by the culinary team.

Each bite into the dish transcended me to the authentic flavors of the South. I devoured the platter made by the team with so much love. A walk was necessary after the gigantic feast.

The Spa Experience

I walked towards the spa and pool area, admiring the vast landscaping.
As I reached the spa, I was welcomed by the spa manager who handed me a form to fill with my basic details.
I indulged in the spa’s signature Ayurveda massage called ‘Abhyangam’ with traditional oil. After a small prayer offered to the Goddess, one of them starts with a head massage pressing every nerve of my head and relaxing my temples, neck and shoulders.

Then, I was made to lie facing downwards. With a generous amount of oil, they expertly massaged away any tension that could possibly be left in my body.

A combination of rhythmic strokes, joint movement and deep kneading loosened and set my body at ease. When the treatment got over, I took a shower using natural body scrubs made with Indian herbs devoid of any chemicals.

The next morning, it was time to bid adieu to the beautiful paradise. The Windflower Resort and Spa Vythiri reveals tranquil essence of life where you experience a pause in life. This pause makes you aware of your conscience and helps you to connect with yourself completely.


The Windflower Resort and Spa helps you unwind and relax while providing enough activities to cater for those that wish to do a little more than that. The Resort is very well maintained, the staff attentive and the landscaped grounds outstanding.

For those looking for some relaxation time away from the chaotic and stressful city lives, this place is perfect.


The Windflower Resorts And Spa

Annapoorna Estate, Survey No. 40/ 2B

Resurvey No. 330/1, Achoornam Village,

Vythiri Taluk, Wayanad District, Kerala

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