Geetanjali Salon, Ambience Mall – A Luxurious Experience

It is not as easy to find a good salon

but once you do, you would be rewarded with the exquisite service at Geetanjali
salon in Ambiance mall as you teleport through time and space. From the glass doors to the wide spaces and hair styling Keratase rooms, the entire salon look
so authentically classy, you will feel comfortable as you experience the
makeover odyssey.

The courteous and friendly staff
ensures the experience at the salon is a memorable one. They will escort you to
the different treatment rooms depending on the service you’re looking for:
facial, nail services, hair, body treatments and pedicure/manicure.
The therapists have already
prepared everything you need: something to change into, a place to put your
bags and a place to put on your makeup afterwards; it just feels very premium!
Ambience and decor aside, the
salon offers facials, nail extensions and hair services that are so effective
that they are really popular among regular customers.
We were especially impressed with
their Skeyndor brightening Facial, Nail services, the hair spa from L’Oreal and
The Review
The Hair Spa – L’Oreal Professional Hair Spa Deep Nourishing Creambath
The hair therapists are very
skillful here. They ushered us to the Keratase room with their tools and
unleashed their talent.  The L’Oreal products
are light on the scalp and add sheen to the hair. The first step is application of
the spa cream with booster which effectively reduces hair fall and
accentuates hair regeneration.
The cream is applied to detangle and
repair. This is followed by a gentle scalp massage with a concoction that includes
essential oils to stimulate blood circulation and cleanse the scalp.

After the charismatic massage, he
then applies a conditioning mask rich in amino acids, proteins and botanical
oils, which aims at increasing hair flexibility as well as nourishing and
regenerating the hair texture.

The massage helps to activate microcirculation
and oxygenate the tissues. The calming scalp massage culminates the hair spa

My hair is bundled up and
placed under a steam helmet. The treatment ends with a
refreshing and stress-relieving shoulder rub using aroma oil.

An hour later, the stylist then washed, blow-dries
and styles my hair. My hair looks noticeably shinier and feels softer.

treatment showed a marked reduction in the irritation of the scalp, while the
white flakes are conspicuously absent. More than a week later, my hair remains
soft, my scalp feels less greasy and there are still no signs of dandruff.

The pedicurist on the other hand
does a basic Geetanjali pedicure starting from cleansing and scrubbing.
Followed by a scrub, he takes off dead cells that have been persistent on the
skin for quite some time.
After a gentle massage in
circular motion with a light cream, the pedicure is completed. Transparent nail
paint makes my feet look dainty and beautiful. I loved the experience. The
manicure that goes on simultaneously has tremendous results too.
After a tremendously satisfactory
experience, I am whisked off to the beauty room where my appointment for the
Skeyndor facial awaits me while my daughter happily moves to the nail station
to get a nail extension done.
The Skeyndor Facial –
The facial treatment room opens to a smiling
attendant who provides a robe to slip in. The relaxing odyssey begins with
cleansing cream using the Skeyndor product that is gently rubbed in circular motion.

As the cleansing cream works the magic with its intense aroma, the massage
takes out dead cells with its healing qualities. I believe that as long as the
skin is properly softened up beforehand to avoid red marks, scrubbing is the
most effective way to remove clogged pores.

The masseur softly scrubbed my
face for ten minutes with the Skeyndor scrub that was removed with a warm
cloth. After applying the Skeyndor cream, she began the facial that helped in
increasing blood flow for skin vitalization.
She massaged my under eye area to
relax the nerve muscles that helped me to doze off.  The facial concluded with a mud mask that was
brushed on my face and neck while my eyes were covered with cotton balls. After
15 minutes, the pack was removed with a hot towel followed by a light
This Skeyndor facial is tailored
purely to the needs and concerns of skin type and indulges one’s visage with
numerous lavishes of cleansers, exfoliates, masques and deep moisturizers that
focus intensely on hydration, purification or soothing. My skin felt smooth and
I thanked the therapist for the fabulous experience.
The Nail extension experience by Cuccio
While I was getting the facial
experience, my daughter experienced the nail extension experience by Cuccio. Geetanjali
Salon stands prominent in nail art and it was very evident in the result my
daughter acquired. The processes lasted for one and a half hours but it was
worth it.
After sticking on the artificial nails, they underwent a drilling
process followed by gel application and then filing. The nails are then set
under a machine where mild heat sets the nails followed by a cut, file and finally
a nail pain application that make the nails look magnificent.
The Verdict
From the moment I stepped in to
the end of my makeover, I was met with top-notch service and valuable expertise
from the team. The experience was indeed a memorable one for both Mother and
daughter. We thanked the team for the flawless execution of services and warm hospitality.
Second floor, Ambiance Mall, Gurgaon
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