Dadhikar Fort – A heritage fort in Alwar

I have been to Alwar several times and yet each time I come back with a new experience. It’s near to Delhi and the best place for a getaway from the Delhi chaos. This time we chose to stay at a fort in the outskirts of Alwar. Dadhikar Fort – a heritage fort.

Our experience

After 3 hours by the morning shatabdi, we reach Alwar, and from the station to the fort, it took us half an hour.

Jeep ride

A rough patchy ride in a jeep for half an hour seemed like an eternity. The roads in Alwar are yet to be made properly, so be prepared for a bumpy ride. When you are coming by road, it’s advicable to come in SUV, or better to take the morning train, which is a smooth travel minus the tolls, road conditions or driving hassles.

The Dadhikar fort

After half an hour, we reach the fort. There was no fancy welcome s I expected, but a man with a colourful umbrella who greeted us with a smile. My mother in her 70’s was bold and courageous enough to walk up towars the reception.

I might warn you, if you have elders coming with you, its better you be prepared for an uphill walk as the fort has lot of stairs to reach rooms or the restaurant.

Rooms at Dadhikar Fort

The rooms at Dadhikar fort are’nt fancy at all. They are huge, with big balconies and tiny windows. The curtains and upholstery is basic. The room opens up to a big terrace. I could simply sit there for hours gazing into the green cover, the mountians and the moving clouds.

The beds in the rooms are simple, basic with ordinary bedspreads and pillows. The wardrobes are vinatage and so are the bedside drawers. There is a kettle with warm water, but no satchets for tea and coffee. The suite also has a small table with two chairs where one can enjoy tea and even a meal. Towards the other end of the suite, lies a small bed with pillows. The washroom is large with toileteries, towels and even a bucket. The rain shower was the worst i came across.


The food at Dadhikar fort is traditonal and realy flavorsome. The spices are light, easy to digest and very subtle. You willl enjoy any dish you order at the fort. We highly recommend you to try the daal baati and choorma. Their paranthaas are equally worth indulging.

Gardens around the property

Dadhikar Fort has beautiful gardens spread throughout. There is a huge lawn, perfect for destination weddings, and gardens near the reataurant,rooms and reception.

Cultural entertainment

On weekends when there is a large group, the artisans are called to entertain the guests with their folk music and cultural extravaganza. This should not be missed.

Cave paintings

Another experience that I really loved was a short expedition to the cave paintings. Local villagers in their free time used to make interesting carriacatures on the roof of the caves.

Alwar has the most scenic sightseeing spots. So I ventured out to these places with a guide and visited fileds, villages and the local people.

They are quite interesting to visit. You need to do a small trek through the fields, and climb rocks to see the art work. It’s advicable to wear sneakers to make your trek convenient.

Few things to note :

1. Avoid visiting this place in monsoons. We regreted it the moment we stepped in the fort, as we came across creepy crawlies in most of the corners.

2.You can get your pets but take care of them as there is a lot of height and no fencing in the balconcies or terraces.

3.There is no wi-fi in the room, so be prepared to use your mobile data.

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