A day of rejuvenation at Shankus Natural Healing Centre

We know how imperative it is to eat healthy well-portioned meals, stick to an exercise routine and stay hydrated. However, when it comes to overall well-being, the path to personal wellness can be more complex and elusive. That’s where innovative initiatives like Shankus Natural Healing Centre come in.

On my recent trip to Ahmedabad, I stayed at Shankus Natural Healing center, where my experience was phenomenal. The holistic experience rejuventated my body and enlightened my soul.

The wellness centre is hinged upon the practices of nutritional wellness and is designed to address three essential areas: gut health, your liver, and using nutrition as the key to re-energize your life. The team at Shankus combines carefully curated dining with therapies to cleanse the system deep within. This involves therapies, mindful meditation.

Revolving around the key concepts of recovery and restoration, the wellness centre offers unique wellness facilities that guarantee a feeling of rejuvenation. There are expert naturopaths and nutritionists in their team that create a revolutionary retreat for people looking for full body transformation.  

Warm welcome

I reached in the evening to be welcomed by a staff of therapists who are well equipped in their field. Dr. Chirag, a Naturpath comes with an exhaustive experience in healing through traditional therapies. A welcome drink was in the form of herbal tea and some makhanas, which were spruced with flavor.

First Impressions

The wellness center is surrounded by acres of green cover, with thousands of trees planted in the entire property. Guests can choose to partake in the programme either as an individual or as part of a group as they slip into the serenity of the retreat, surrounded by the variety of trees, sounds of birds all day long, soak in the freshness in the air and be a part of their meditative practices and availing the best therapies to balance the mind, body and soul.

When visiting the retreat, one can expect to work on physical and mental wellbeing with the guidance of an expert team of multidisciplinary therapists. The team at Shankus Natural Healing Center administers both private and group sessions designed to tackle a multitude of conditions including physical and mental stress.

The morning routine includes beginning the day with warm water from copper vessels, walking around the park, followed by cleansing practices like jal-neeti and eye cleaning. Later, they serve vegetable juice made with bottle guard and aloe vera – perfect for gut health. After the cleaning process, there is hydrotherapy, in which you walk on a path filled with water.

There is a yoga session later which I found to be the best I have ever attended. Dr. Chirag conducts the session and it’s definitely worth attending. Deep meditation in an ambiance surrounded by pristine nature is worth experiencing.

The food here is sattvik, custom made and completely free from oil, spices or anything that hinders digestion. Every person has their pulse checked, by which the health is accessed and meal plan is devised. The therapies are also created based on the doshas/prakriti.

Therapies –

Their therapies include Hydrotherapy, reflexology, jal-neeti (cleaning of the nasal passage), hip bath (for spondilytis), panchkarma, acupuncture, yoga therapies.

I was prescribed a body massage with aloevera and honey – both cooling and hydrating for the body. The therapy started with a gentle massage, accentuating each pressure point that helped in toning and relaxation.

Accomodation –

They have homely cottages equipped with Air conditioner, LED TV, safety locker and Wi-Fi facilities. A beautiful garden facing the cottage enhance the overall appeal and makes the place look more endearing.

Activities @ Shankus Natural Healing Centre –

There are organic farming practices, gazebo stargazing and other entertainment activities.


By combining mindfulness and yoga practices (including breathwork, yoga and guided meditation) with nourishing meals Shankus Natural Healing Centre provides an escape from stress and persisting ailments and help guests to focus on becoming the best versions of themselves.

This wellness retreat is designed to help clients find comfort in a safe space away from the demands and pressures of the modern world. After a visit, guests can expect to return to their lives like a butterfly from a cocoon – invigorated, confident, and ready for the next challenge life throws their way.

Visit them here for a consultation/reservation.

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