6 places in Delhi that offer Irresistible Winter Brunches

The vibrant city of Delhi doesn’t just offer historical monuments and bustling markets; it also boasts a diverse culinary scene, especially during the cozy winter months. And what better way to experience this than through delightful winter brunches? From traditional Indian flavors to international delights, here’s a guide to the best winter brunch spots in Delhi.

1. Lodi – The Garden Restaurant:

Nestled in the heart of the city, Lodi – The Garden Restaurant offers a serene ambiance amidst lush greenery. Their winter brunch menu features a fusion of Indian and continental cuisines. Indulge in piping hot kebabs, aromatic biryanis, and an array of freshly baked bread, perfectly complemented by their refreshing cocktails.

2. Olive Bar & Kitchen:

With its chic Mediterranean vibe, Olive Bar & Kitchen in Mehrauli is a favorite among Delhi’s brunch enthusiasts. During winters, their alfresco seating adorned with heaters creates a cozy atmosphere. Their brunch menu includes delectable salads, wood-fired pizzas, and sumptuous desserts that pair beautifully with their curated selection of wines.

3. Downtown Kitchen & Bar, Courtyard by Marriott:

For a lavish winter brunch affair, head to Downtown Kitchen & Bar at Courtyard by Marriott. Their extensive buffet spread offers a mix of global cuisines, from Asian stir-fries to classic Indian curries. Don’t miss out on their live counters serving piping hot soups and sizzling grills.

4. The Potbelly Rooftop Café:

Experience the flavors of Bihar with a winter brunch at The Potbelly Rooftop Café in Shahpur Jat. Their menu boasts traditional Bihari dishes like litti chokha, sattu paratha, and ghugni, all perfect for savoring in the chilly weather while enjoying the panoramic view from their rooftop.

5. The Piano Man Jazz Club:

Combine your love for live music and great food at The Piano Man Jazz Club in Safdarjung Enclave. Their Sunday brunch features a mix of continental and Indian dishes, accompanied by soulful live performances. It’s an ideal spot to unwind on a lazy winter afternoon.

6. SodaBottleOpenerWala:

Transport yourself to the Parsi lanes of Mumbai with SodaBottleOpenerWala’s quirky ambiance and hearty Parsi cuisine. Their winter brunch menu includes iconic dishes like berry pulao, dhansak, and bun maska that warm both the heart and the palate.


Delhi’s winter brunch scene is a celebration of flavors, ranging from local delicacies to global cuisines, all served in cozy settings that perfectly complement the chilly weather. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional Indian fare or craving international delights, these brunch spots promise a memorable culinary experience that captures the essence of Delhi’s diverse food culture. So, gather your loved ones and embark on a gastronomic journey through the capital’s finest brunch offerings this winter!

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