7 interesting things to know about Bandipur, Nepal

During our recent trip to Nepal, we visited a small village called Bandipur – Central Nepal’s hidden gems. The village is approximately 4.5 hours away from Chitwan and has a beautiful architecture complete with epic Himalayan views, countryside walks, local adventure sports, and comfortable accommodation.

If you plan to drive towards Pokhara, then this place is ideal place to break up the drive between Pokhara and Kathmandu while getting a relaxing taste of rural Nepal in the process.

Here are 7 interesting things to know about Bandipur –

1. Bandipur is all about miniscule villages perched on a hillock. The single flagstone street is lined on both sides with traditional wooden architecture.

2.You can find most of the houses converted into guesthouses and cafes depicting their 18th-century charm.  The architecture of Bandipur remains utterly charming. You will fall in love with the blooming flowers peeking from balconies of houses, inns and cafes.

3.There are temples in every nook and corner as people here are staunch believers in God. The best thing about Bandipur is there are no noisy vehicles with blaring horns. You will enjoy the silence and soft murmurs of locals talking in their native language.

4.You can enjoy a leisurely pace of life that harkens back to an earlier age. Do not expect luxury in this village as everything is basic yet comfortable.

5.The main street is lined with coffee shops where you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee and some local snacks.  

6.For people who love morning walks, a trek of 30 minutes up to the hilltop viewpoint at the Tani Mai Temple is recommended. Once you reach the hilltop, you will be welcomed by a sweeping panorama of the Himalayan peaks.

7.For people who like an easier hike, they can, stroll to the Martyrs Memorial Park, or to nearby Tundikhel, a former parade ground that now serves as the town’s main football field. Head to the far end of the Tundikhel ridge, grab a cold Gorkha beer and savor it as the sun sets over the blushing Himalayan range in front of you.

Recommended place to stay

We stayed at the Bandipur Inn, a small home converted into a rest house. The entrance of the inn is really tiny so you need to take care of your head while walking. The inn has several artifacts in the living room. There is less light and the space is minimal, but the space is clean and hygienic. The staircase towards the room was minimal so we had to be extra careful while walking.

As we reached our room on the second floor, our excitement knew no limit as we opened the door. It was a cute dollhouse with two small rooms, queen size beds with bed side tables, a small wardrobe and a tiny washroom. The balcony was the best as it had a fabulous view of the mountains and the grasslands. I could sit there for hours and gaze into the scenic views. There are mostly groups of European tourists who come for long stays. Food at the inn was fairly decent with traditional platters and continental dishes to choose from.

This beautiful hamlet in Nepal deserves a visit at least once as it boasts of traditional style of living, craftsmanship, exquisited handicraffts, breathtaking views, friendly locals and the delicious cuisine.

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