Luxury in the wilderness – Jagatpur Jungle Lodge, Chitwan

Chitwan in west Nepal offers tourists a fabulous exposure to wildlife. You would feel more connected with nature and wildlife here.

How to reach Chitwan :

You can fly to Bharatpur via a propeller from Kathmandu. There are domestic flights that operate locally every day. We took the morning flight at 9.30 AM and reached Bharatpur in 20 minutes courtsey Nepal tourism.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit Chitwan is October to March. This is because the skies are clear, the temperatures are warm and comfortable and prices are good. The best time to see animals on a safari in Chitwan national park would be around January to March.

The scenic beauty is heavenly as you cross mountains and lakes. The cab took us to a beautiful resort in the middle of the jungle called Jagatpur lodge. The distance from the airport to the resort is approximately 40 minutes and the drive is majestic.

Our stay was for one night but we wished our stay could have been longer.

Jagatpur Jungle Lodge – Luxury in the wildreness

Set by the Rapti river, on the edge of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Chitwan National Park, the lodge combines the natural beauty of its surroundings with an understated elegance. The resort is spread across eight acres of woodland and bamboo groves.

A lovely welcome by the resort swept us away and we were already impressed with the hospitality. The resort sees a part of the jungle yet stands out with its impeccable amenities and luxury factor. After the welcome drink and bouquet of flowers, we were ushered to our rooms – a luxurious double bed room with breathtaking views of the landscaped garden and the thick forest area from the window side.


The rooms are spacious with all luxury amenities and spacious balconies with surreal views. We loved our room that came with two comfortable beds with bed side tables and lamps, tea coffee maker, kettle, a wide wardrobe, slippers and robes.

The washrooms have bathing products like shower gels, shampoos and conditioners. There are chairs in the balcony where you can sit and enjoy the sound of birds and gaze into the scenic surroundings. It is blissful.

Besides the rooms there are also luxury tents that open upto magnificent voew of the Rapti river. The tents have all luxury amenities with king size beds and spacious washooms.


Jagatpur lodge serves the most healthiest and tastiest food. We indulged in a delicious platter of Nepal cuisine that comprised of rice, vegetables, lentils and curd. The platter bursts with flavors and looks very enticing. Besides the platter, you can indulge in their continental options as well. They also serve healthy vegetable juices that blend with the natura theme of the resort.


Jagatpur lodge recreates magic with personalized experiences that invigorates the senses with its impeccable hospitality. The luxury resort took us for a boat safari in the evening followed by a sundowner.

How it went

We went by the open jeep to the river bed where a small canoe was waiting for us. The experience was wonderful as we were lucky to spot alligators sun bathing and love birds flying over us. There are other animals we spotted like the hippos, deers and elephants.

This experience was followed by a sundowner. A lovely set up by the team delighted us even further. A table with drinks, tea and coffee was displayed. We enjoyed the view of the setting sun while devouring the snacks. This experience was simply flawless and we took back a wonderful experience by the resort.

Nature walks

Jagatpur jungle lodge curates personalized nature walk sessions for guests amidst forests. The morning trail is highly recommended as you can enjoy the silence in the jungle – cocooned with the soft murmurs of birds and bees.

The shapes of trees and smell of fruits feels majestic as you walk deeper inside the jungle leaving stress from the mind. I could also spot deers while following their pug marks.

The naturalist was very skilled in his job. While walking, he educated me about the different varieties of trees, plants and shrubs.

Breakfast amidst nature

As I pen down my breakfast experience a smile runs on my face. Amidst thick foliage and the shrill of birds, our breakfast was set. The aroma of fresh eggs, bacon and fruits intermingled with nature’s lingering aroma. The impact of food is at its best when consumed in the perfect setting.

Swimming inside the jungle

Very rarely do I come across resorts that mingle with nature. At Jagatpur, we enjoyed nice swim in their pool that was surrounded by thick jungles. There were lounge chairs spread for guests to relax and a shower area to wash off. Swimming in that pool while gazing at the sky was an experience I cherished the most.

Folk dance

Chitwan represents raw jungle beauty of the jungle. The jungle lodge creates magical moments for gests by showing cultural dance forms and also inviting them to participate. An evening with several folk dance performers was epic. The dancers depicted different forms of livelihood through their performances that have been into existence since many years. We joined the dancers in their performance and loved the experience.

The overall experience at Jagatpur jungle lodge was phenomenal where we enjoyed the rustic side of the jungle but also reveled in luxury and enjoyed their hospitality.

Details: Jagatpur Jungle Lodge

Jagatpur, Bharatpur-23, Chitwan | Nepal

Call: +977 056-411085

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