6 things to know before visiting Trivandrum

Trivandrum is a gorgeous city, located in the heart of Kerala. It’s a fabulous concoction of nature, culture and food. When you visit this beautiful city here are few things you must know.

  1. Language – The language might be a hindrance in communications, as people are comfortable with their mother tongue. Its better you go prepared and are patient while talking to them. English is mostly used while communicating.
  2. People – People in Trivandrum are genuinely the sweetest. They are helpful and kind and also go to the extent of helping you at any cost. So if you are come from a foreign land and not a native of India, you will be well taken care of by the locals.
  3. Food – Food in Trivandrum is absolutely worth trying. They use their hands and avoid using cutlery while eating. You will be surprised by the kind of chutneys and dips they have in every meal. They are simple, highly flavorsome and easy to digest. They use curry leaves, herbs and condiments in their dishes, making it more tasty and light. They also drink buttermilk to aid in digestion.
  4. Climate – Monsoons are bliss in Trivandrum. The rain gods are at their best when they bless the city with showers. The city looks even more beautiful and worth visiting. The climate gets surprisingly cool and it’s actually enjoyable to roam around. Better to carry a shawl while traveling to Trivandrum during monsoons. Only thing is the inability to visit the beaches that remain closed due to high tide.
  5. Sightseeing options – there are lot of interesting places to visit in Trivandrum. You can visit the lighthouse or even stroll around the beach. Padmanabhaswamy temple in the main city is very famous. Make sure to be dressed in white sari/lungi as the custom and tradition is very strict in the temple. Visit Poovar Island for its cleanliness and less crowd, Sri Chitra art gallery for its surreal art work by Raja Ravi verma.  For more interesting places to visit in Trivandrum, you can check Holidify.com.
  6. Local travel – Traveling to nearby places can be easy with tuk tuks that are neat, spacious and easily available. They are easy on the pocket and can take you to any location. There are several inclined roads with sharp turns where these tuk tuks can easily be driven. The drivers are friendly and won’t charge you extra.
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