The Magic of Rann Utsav Kutch, Gujarat

I have always prioritized experiences more than anything else in life. Experiences that reverberate the senses and quenches the soul. I have always wanted to visit the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. But somehow was unable to. This year after two hindering years of the pandemic, I finally got a chance to visit the glorious Kutch and experienced the magical white sand (rann).

A long train ride is perfect for the adventurous one, but not for me. If you love to travel and enjoy a train ride then you can board the Ala Hazrat from New Delhi Railways station. The 21 hour long train journey has 32 brief stops. After a tedious journey, I finally reach Bhuj station.

There is a lounge by the Rannutsav team where a team welcomes you with water and hot beverages. From Bhuj, I move to Kutch in a cab. The drive to the Kutch is an hour long and extremely enjoyable.

The ran utsav looks enchanting with its beautiful décor and welcomes me with bright hues. After a formal routine of check-in formalities and covid protocols, I move towards my luxury tent.

Luxury tented accommodation

Complete with luxury amenities, a beautiful queen bed with bed side tables, chair and a table, my AC tent was absolutely phenomenal. The washroom with a rain shower and sink with luxury toiletteries completed the look of the luxury tent.

The amenities inside the tent also include kettle, tea, coffee and water. I refreshened up and went towards the dining area.

The huge dining area is massive and has tables and chairs well spread. There is a buffet meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner with authentic cuisines from Gujarat which has immense varieties each time. Live entertainment during dinner makes the dining experience worthwhile.

The first day there is a tour to watch the sunset. The magical view of the sun setting and spreading its rays on the white sand is breathtaking. Tourists can also enjoy camel rides and other adventure activities like paramotoring and dirt biking at an additional cost.

Cultural extravaganza

Each night there is a huge cultural extravaganza where locals come and exhibit their performances in front of audiences. A dancer magically creates a rabbit from a towel while whirling, tribal performers who dance and break a coconut with their head, or legendary artists from Gujarat who enthrall audiences with their soul stirring songs – makes you transcend to the land of Kutch.

Nights are peaceful as you tend to enjoy a nice cool breeze while strolling on the streets of the rann utsav.  The streets are lit and look enchanting. There are barely words for me to express the surreal beauty of the tented city as it illuminates and radiates the culture imbibed in tradition.

There are small shops where one can buy handloom products for themselves. Beautiful bags, colorful dupattas and decorative items are displayed at a very nominal cost – easy to purchase. There are also interesting merchandizes and souvenirs that you can take back as memoirs of the Kutch trip.

The second day is the sunrise experience day which is worth experiencing. After a short bus trip, we reached the ran where we could see the sunrise illuminating the golden color and creating a magnificent spell on us. As I watched the sun rise I felt transcended into the beauty of nature. This was the most beautiful sunrise I have ever experienced.

A nice breakfast buffet is the best thing to experience after heading back to the tent city. The buffet includes eggs made to order, idlis and dosa, dhoklas and khakras, puri and vegetables, thepla and paranthas. Salads and cut fruits, juices and tea complete the breakfast buffet.

The day unfolds with a tour of the Kutch city where we visited the highest point called Dola vira to view the India Pakistan border. We also visited a small village called Gandhi Nu dham – a small village where local craftsmen exhibit their talent through their handicrafts. They are sold at a very basic price. It’s best not to bargain in these shops as these craftsmen work very hard in creating these items.

More Information

Kutch Rann Utsav 2022 – A White Desert Festival

Kutch is a district of Gujarat state in Western India. Rann Utsav, a White Desert Festival is an endless wonder to discover in your visit to Gujarat, India. The mesmerizing beauty of nature and Charm of the culture, Rann Utsav is the initiative by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited (TCGL). It is a unique desert carnival which was prioritized in 2005 by TCGL by putting map of Gujarat on international tourism.

There are visitors across the world. The area is widely spread in 5, 00,000 sq meters with more than 350 luxurious tents. Rann Utsav celebration is enjoyed for more than 100 days from November to February. As a rare combination, the desert and ocean life in such proximity and are the part of the same territory.

This year Rann Utsav official date is from 28th October 2021 to 20th February 2022 in the Kutch region, Gujarat, India. To make it easier for you, Online booking for Kutch Rann Utsav 2021, 2022, you can book these tents from their official website

Packages include the following

Pick-up, accommodation, transportation, delicious local cuisine, full moon night landscape view, sightseeing tour to  white rann, black hill for spectacular view with sunset and also Bhuj city  local sightseeing tour which includes historical places, palaces Converted into Museums, Tribal villages, Handicraft product made by Local artists, temples. Apart from that the Festival also offers tourist to adventure zone, Para Motoring, ATV, Rifle Shooting, Kids Zone, Selfi Zone, Star Gazing, Archery, Chess Board, Bicycles, Spa Centre, Conference Hall and Meditational Hall with Daily Morning Yoga Class. 

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