Casa Vanya – a rustic jungle resort in Corbett

Need a change of scenery? How about waking up in a plush bed, unwrapping yourself from cotton sheets, and strolling out to your private pool to take in the views of the forest?

At the recently opened Casa Vanya, you get a dose of rustic living tempered with soft hints of comfort. The vast expanse of the property has 9 rooms that come with private sit – out areas and views of either the garden or the forest.

Casa  Vanya was created out of passion by a liquor baron who has studied hospitality overseas. His passion to serve customers and create something innovative curate a masterpiece in the jungle called Casa Vanya.

The ride from Ramnagar to the destination is approximately 50 minutes but the scenic beauty of the dense jungle makes the time fly by.

First impressions

After a rough ride of 10 minutes uphill, we reach our destination. The huge gates of the resort welcome us and lead on to wide spaces of virgin grassland – still nascent with new plants and trees.

The rustic resort sits on acres of wilderness and is few minutes away from the jungle where you can experience the safari. Inside the resort, it’s all about a luxury gazebo with comfortable chairs and cushions.

My cottage, a bit distant from the gazebo comes with an attached mini pool. I fell in love with the simple yet artistic vibe of the room. The room was swathed in white all over but complimented by bright green cushions that added more grace to the room.

There is a very cozy sitting area in the room with puffy cushions where one can enjoy soaking in the sunlight and gaze at the view outside.  The room is complete with simple amenities like wardrobe, bed side lamps, a safe, tea, coffee, water and a table with drawers.

The washroom has a tub, a rain shower and equipped well with towels.The highlight was the mini pool attached to the room that had a lovely view.


The restaurant offers simple home cooked meals and you would literally feel being served at home. The staff is slow and steady but serves you good food with warmth and hospitality. During my stay we had paneer and daal with rotis. Breakfast was either parantha or eggs. We loved our tea and coffee sessions in the gazebo


Guests can experience in-house activities, but I would highly recommend the outdoors to experience the jungle life for some deep forest bathing. This is an experience I shall never forget as it made me connect with Mother Nature literally.

At 10 am we left for a jungle trek with a naturalist who comes with 3 decades of experience. His passion for nature and forest has made him explore the wilderness and his devotion in his field has brought him accolades and recognition by most of the guests in Jim Corbett.

The up-hill climb was quite adventurous as we passed through some enormous trees with stories to tell through their barks. It’s surprising how a tree can create such a beautiful story through its leaves and barks.

We could hear the sound of birds and revel in the silence as we walk towards the nearby village. Spotting different birds and listening to them was a real treat. We sat for a while to soak in the silence and become peaceful – a feeling that is missing in the city life. After a nice long walk, we reach a small house where a family welcomed us with a warm smile. It was a delight to watch the simple living of the villagers.

The walk downhill was faster and we reached the resort for lunch. The next day was a cycling activity where we ventured inside the deep woods and also managed the rough terrain of the roads.  

The overall experience at Casa Vanya was fabulous and I would recommend my readers to visit this place for its aesthetics and raw rustic feel. You can book a stay with them here.

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