Cafe Bakeburry – A melange of great food & ambience

Get set for a culinary experience as Café Bakeburry opens its doors in Cannought Place. The newly opened Café  has a mélange of cuisines along with an amalgamation of good food, relaxed environs, cool indoors and a  pleasant alfresco dining in the heart of Lutyen’s Delhi. 

As you enter the cafe, a big painting of a classy lady catches your eye. The spacious cafe has tables of two and four placed at different corners that gives diners freedom to walk around. Usually, a small group of friends or a lunch date can be well accommodated here. The display of desserts and snacks match well with their hospitality and service.

You can delight your taste buds and savour every bit of the dining experience here.  Café Bakeburry has a ground and first floor where you can enjoy great food paired with smoothies, shakes and coffees.

Dining experience @ Café Bakeburry

You can tantalize your taste buds with an array of freshly made dishes. Take your pick from a vast assortment of options or explore café favorites like sandwiches, wraps, salads, or pizza. The culinary offerings don’t just end there; there are waffles, mini cakes, trifle jars, brownies, tea time cake, pies, muffins and cookkies to entice your taste buds too.

Recommended items

We enjoyed their basil pesto pasta, burrata cheese sandwich with avocado and cottage cheese wrap. Their coffee and berry smoothie are something worth trying.

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