Best Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh – Jumpin Heights

As a child you have always wanted to do things your parents would never allow – and that thing was probably jumping off something really high. Well, now your childhood dream can finally come true – only very safely so.

But for that you’ll have to travel to Rishikesh. Located at the ‘heavenly abode of Rishikesh is Jumpin Heights, that promises you the biggest thrill of your life, with the tag line – “GOT GUTS?”

After White Water Rafting and mountaineering, Rishikesh has now become the hot spot of the new take on adventure – Bungee Jumping.

It is located on the scenic Neelkanth Road, at Mohanchatti, 13 kms from Laxman Jhula in Rishikesh, that  is 25 km from the Jolly Grant Airport (Dehradun) and 230 km by road from New Delhi. The office of Jumpin Heights has a youthful appearance quite opposite from the peaceful city of Ganga. It has brilliantly colored walls that give you an open view to a breath-taking scenic view of mountains and waterfalls. A beautiful café with summer chillers and fresh sandwiches await you while you are getting all jittery before that giant jump.

Far from the maddening crowd, Jumpin’ Heights is run by Rahul Nigam, an ex-army officer after tremendous research in adventure activities with well-trained jumpers who are there all the time. He introduced the fantastic sport to challenge the fear factor and get that adrenaline rush. “Jumpin Heights started in October 2010 and became the first company in India to offer Bungee Jumping and The Giant Swing from an 83 meters cantilever platform.

Safety First

Jumpin Heights has almost 20 years of experience with special emphasis on safety and security. The masters from New Zealand themselves train the trainers and remain in constant touch with them so that no mishap occurs.

The activities of Giant swing and bungee are done by a cantilever platform built over a rocky cliff. It is very surprising to see men backing out compared to women from the platform; the ratio being 7:3.

The safety equipments included are harnesses that can bear a weight of around 2,000 kilos at one go. Safety standards offered by Jumpin Heights in India are incomparable to safety standards and practices followed in Australia and New Zealand.

Their trained staff looks at safety first with guidance from experienced Jump masters from these countries. The best part is the harness can bear a heavy weight person with ease.

Flying Fox

Adventure lovers are made to experience the Flying Fox as a warm up before trying the activities. As the roller coaster ride starts at a spine-chilling speed, the gush of air on the face makes the experience worthwhile.

Giant Swing – Swinging to another level

The next stage of the experience is Giant Swing where a person is tied up with a strong harness that can bear weight of upto 2,000 kg and jumps from the platform at a thrilling speed. Falling at such a high speed, from a height of 83 meters is definitely challenging and gives you a feeling of accomplishment. The person is made to swing to and fro and get a panoramic view of the lush greenery down below.

Bungee Jumping

The Bungee Jump is the last stage of the adventure trio. Sometimes there are people who back out in the last moment. Standing at the platform is not as easy at it seems so there are people who just prefer to give it up even after paying the full amount.

The jumper is made to wear a nylon rope on the ankle, a safety helmet and hand guards who then jumps from an 83 meter height. Two trainers are always beside the jumper, coaxing and comforting the jumper who is made to look in the front at a red board on a tree. And then all you that can be heard is the heart beat and feel of nerves squealing in fear. While you are assisted by supporting trainers by your side all that is required is inner determination of just letting go!

After the deadly count of Five, four, three, two one…..the jumper jumps off who lets out a blood curling scream and then realize you are still alive and triumphant. The bungee rope gives the body a jerk; so while the jumper is just hanging there upside down; all that can be seen in front is a scenic beauty of two hills caressing a stream. After the Jump, the jumpers are lowered down to a drop zone right inside the river, which only has 2 ft of water, followed by a trek to the café in the Jumpin Heights office. The jumpers can celebrate their victory with a relaxing drink of a hot cappuchhino.

Adrenaline pumping details:

Activities that set your heart racing are Bunjee jumping, The Giant wheel and the Flying Fox.

Combo – 1 has Bungee and Swing @ Rs 4000/- per person – $ 90 per person·         Combo – 2 has Bungee + Flying Fox @ Rs 3500/- per person – $ 80 per person·         Combo – 3 has Swing + Flying Fox @ Rs 3500/- per person – $ 80 per person·         Trilogy Combo – has Bungy+Swing + Flying Fox @ Rs 5000/- per person – $ 110 per person.


Locations – Goa and Rishikeh

Timings – 9.30 am to 5.30 pm.

Season – The Jumping season starts from October to May and is shut down from June to September during monsoons.

Dining – It has a classy café, where one can watch the dare devil stunts experienced by people live on the plasma screens. One can gorge on scrumptious snacks and coffee too while gazing at the serene environment around.

Jumping Heights is not just about the experience at that moment but the unique sense of confidence and memories one takes back afterwards.

Souvenirs like T-Shirts, Caps, Mugs, Key Chains, Fridge Magnets and Coasters are given to the jumpers along with a certificate that congratulates them. Jumpers can also buy their jump video DVD’s and photos taken during their activity.

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