Aruna Spa @ Heritage Village Resort & Spa – A relaxing odyssey

A spa experience at the Heritage Village is not just a routine massage. Here the experience is phenomenal and memorable. The staff is well trained in hospitality and ensures their guests leave with a satisfactory experience.

The reception is brimming with luxury, so each corner is beautifully created to evoke relaxation for the guests. The wide lounge of Aruna Spa has subtle lights that transform an agitated mind to a relaxed soul. A bowl filled with flowers evokes tranquility and the lingering fragrance evokes a sense of calm.

The soothing music at the spa whisks you to paradise where you are oblivious of the commotion in the world. A Buddha statue at the reception illuminates radiance and makes the ambiance peaceful. As we settle down, the spa manager introduced us to the spa menu. Well equipped with the spa details, she guided us though the different kinds of massages and therapies that the spa offers. They have an exhaustive list of body scrubs, packs and massages. I picked up the aroma therapy while my daughter preferred the Swedish massage.

The ambiance of the Spa has a profound reflection of sanctity and peace. The huge therapy room has two reclining chairs for reflexology. Guests can indulge in a feet pampering session while lying on the reclining chairs. There are four therapy rooms and each room ushers warmth and relaxation.  

The Therapy experience

Soft lights and an endearing music enchant me as I walked towards the spa room for my session. The smiling therapist greets me with folded hands and ushers me to the therapy room. As I lie on the massage bed, the therapist takes some amount of oil in her hands. She began by applying oil on the legs in a circular motion very gently.

The massage was a light one with mild pressure being applied in each part of the body. The stiffness is released while pressure is applied accurately. The Body Treatment begins with an invigorating massage that helped in increasing circulation and buff away dull skin while curing my lower back pain that was bothering me since ages. The warm oil soothed my lower back almost instantly.

The gentle massage, calm ambiance and soft music smothered me to a deep sleep. The masseur worked up the magic with her hands in a circular motion that helped me to relax and fall asleep.

I was transcended in a different world. The effect of the light aroma oil was magical and I could feel the pain almost gone. The massage on the other parts was also gentle. Every detail is kept in mind at the Spa to endure relaxation. The 90 minutes massage ended and the result was a supple and softer skin tone that beamed with radiance. I was ushered to the steam room. The steam made the oil seep deep inside the skin and opened up the clogged pores. A shower in the end freshened me up.

My daughter was equally relaxed and refreshed. She preferred a slightly hard massage to elevate the pain in her calves and legs that were caused by extensive travelling.

Her session removed all signs of tiredness and she beamed with satisfaction after the session was over. The spa session ended with a warm green tea that was relaxing and rejuvenating.  We came out of the spa with a much contended heart and thanked the spa manager for the rejuvenated experience.

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