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Lately I have been spending a lot of time in the sun due to my travel, with little concern for the long-term effects and, as a result, my complexion was paying the price.

There were acne and persistent hair growth on my face and body due to a lifestyle disorder called PSOD. This lifestyle disorder comes with lot of problems which aggravate the male hormone gland causing excessive hair growth.

While my facial hair and acne might not be noticeable to most, they’re a constant source of concern for me. I love wearing only moisturizer — or better yet, no face makeup at all — but in order to achieve a seemingly even complexion, I’m forced to always stick on to foundations and concealer.

As a travel blogger and an influencer,  I consider it essential to look and feel beautiful inside out. So I decided to visit a really good laser clinic In Delhi. After researching for a safe and hygienic laser hair removal clinic, I came across Aayna – in the heart of Delhi.

They have two centers – one in Khan market and other in Mehrauli. We visited the latter one and were extremely happy with the choice we made.

How does laser hair removal work

Laser hair removal is the most safest and effective way to remove face and body hair. The hair follicles are targeted in the growth phase of the cycle, which means an effective time gap between sessions is essential. 8 sessions with a 4-8 weekly gap ensures satisfactory results in hair reduction.

First impressions

Located on the first floor in the luxurious courtyard of Ambawatta complex, lies this gorgeous clinic sharing space with elite designers and labels. On arrival, we were floored with the luxury tones of the clinic. The vibe reflects a very homely, safe and comfortable space with a friendly customer care relations to look after you.

The décor is minimalistic, with soft hues on the wall with awards and accolades of Dr. Simal Soin – founder of the Aayna clinic. Dr. Simal comes with an exhaustive research on skin care and laser hair removal. The clinic has three rooms equipped well with machines for laser hair removal and a luxury salon for some pampering.

Consultation with doctors

Aayna has some of the finest skin specialists and doctors on board who analyze the skin, ask questions based on diet and lifestyle and then create the perfect course to have permanent results.  The doctors here have treated over 15,000 patients for laser hair reduction in the last 8 years. In case of a hormonal imbalance, medical therapy is started alongside. Each of the laser therapists has over 10 years of experience.

Soprano Titanium Laser

AAYNA offers the world’s finest, latest and safest technologies for laser hair reduction. They have the newest US FDA approved Soprano Titanium that can be used for any type of hair, painlessly in the quickest way possible. Treatments are done under a doctor’s supervision and results are monitored closely.

The Procedure

The first step with laser hair removal is to go for an initial consultation and patch test. You should not wax your hair, since the laser needs to find the hair follicle. The power of the laser is focused on the hair itself rather than the follicle underneath. The lady treating was from North East who explained the whole process very carefully and allowed me to ask any questions that I had, as well as helping me fill in the questionnaire to make sure that all the treatments are appropriate.

The patch test only needs to be done on one armpit and is simply to make sure you don’t have any reactions to the laser itself.

We then set up my appointment for the actual hair removal treatment the next day, based on the fact that it was highly unlikely I’d react adversely to the patch test.

The machine itself is attached to a long tube, a bit like a vaccum cleaner. Cold hair is emitted first to cool the skin, allowing the laser to go deeper and penetrate the hair follicle itself. It feels like 4 tiny little pin pricks. There is varying strength depending on the coarseness/presence of hair. Legs took one hour, back – 15 mins, underarms-15 mins, Face-20 mins and Arms- half an hour.

Pain factor for me personally was absolutely minimal because of their International laser technology, but the smell of burning hair temporarily is a little unpleasant. I had precisely no discomfort at all during the treatment.

My next appointment isn’t until the fourth week and this is very standard. Typically laser hair removal will take place across 6-8 appointments, all of which will be around 6 weeks apart. The reason for this is that hair grows in cycles.

These are known as the anagen phase, where the hair is growing; the catagen phase, where the hair is resting and the telagen phase where the hair falls out. If you just have one laser hair treatment, it will only capture the hair in the anagen phase and not any hairs which have not yet emerged.

I’ll be back with more updates after my next treatment but so far I’m delighted with the result as there has not been any hair growth since a month!!

Book an appointment with Aayna to see for yourself the difference laser has on the face and body.

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