TAF – Re-inventing a healthy lifestyle

TAF is a wellness center that believes in re-inventing a healthy lifestyle. It focuses on weight loss through healthy lifestyle and therapies that have zero side effects.

First Impressions

On arrival, I was impressed with the air of calm, and the beautiful waiting area. Moroccan styled furniture, wooden floors, tastefully painted art work hung on the wall, subtle hues on the ceiling and walls  and ornate mahogany doors transported me to
somewhere deep in the a peaceful retreat.

After the insane traffic and rush on the streets of Delhi, I loved the calm and soothing ambiance of the wellness clinic. It felt like the stress of the journey was simply drifting away. After being greeted by the warm and smiling receptionists, I was taken around for a tour of the wellness abode. Large spaces with comfortable beds and subtle lightning in each room bag ten stars immediately.

The cleanliness is impressive and the minutest details are taken care of
ensuring the guests have a pleasant experience while getting the services done. There are several machines that can be barely found in India that target weight loss without any side effects.

They also have a healthy café that has some lip smacking delicacies prepared by their talented chefs. The ingredients that go in preparing them are unprocessed and unrefined and are made without any preservatives. Sugar is banned in the clinic and healthy substitutes are used instead.

Reverse Fat Therapy – An Introduction

Reverse Fat Therapy is a massage with application of a
combination of Ayurvedic powder and oil on the entire body, the therapy is unique in terms of synchronized technique performed by two therapists giving exfoliation, fat destabilization and detoxification happening simultaneously.

This Ayurvedic paste (powder and oils) when rubbed on the
body in a specific manner creates friction, which open the pores, remove blockages in vessels, increases the heat in the tissues and percolates inside to stimulate fat metabolism.
Reverse Fat Therapy is the process of purifying and eliminating toxins from various lymphatic channels and lobes bringing back
balance in the body.

My Experience

I was provided with a locker, robe and slippers and was ushered
to the therapy room which had subtle lights, soft music playing in the
background and a comfortable bed for the therapy.The  treatment started with a warm foot bath. I immersed my feet in a bowl of warm water. It felt incredible, as the foot bath certainly had impressive properties to ease away tiredness.

There were two therapists who were well trained in the Ayurveda therapies. As they asked me to lie face down, as they began with the
exfoliation. They worked vigorously with the concoction of the Ayurveda powder. I expected the powder to be rough, but surprisingly it was tender to the skin.
After the powder massage, it was now time for the oil massage. The rhythmic massages were beautifully synchronized thus imparting the exact pressure on each area.  Both the masseurs worked up the magic of their hands in a circular motion that helped me to relax and fall asleep. I was transcended in a different world.

This was followed by a steam bath where the skin absorbs the oil profusely and makes it more supple and soft. After ten minutes, I took a shower. I felt relaxed and rejuvenated already and thanked my therapists for the amazing experience.

It was time to leave the safety of the Zen of this beautiful relaxing hideaway and confront the Delhi heat face on. But with an incredible feeling of calm inside, and a beautiful glow on my face, I knew I would survive.

Facilities and Activities

  • Counseling
  • Body and face contorting
  • Healthy meal plans
  • Spa rooms with attached bathrooms
  • Steam/sauna
  • Yoga and Meditation sessions


Sheesham Courtyard, 28 Saidulajab, Mehrauli – Badarpur Rd,
Saket, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

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