Duke Riding Club Gurgaon – Professional and well trained staff

Imagine yourself galloping amidst a beautiful jungle and getting acquainted with nature. The silence, fresh air, trees and birds perched on trees is something you get to experience while on a jungle trail by Duke riding club.

On the outskirts of Gurgaon, surrounded by Aravali ranges is the Duke riding club that opened in 2019. After the major covid hit period, the riding club is gaining momentum with its professional riding sessions and jungle trails that begin from golf course and take you through the jungle area.

The duration of the riding session is between 1 to 3 hours where riders are escorted with their team who take care of everything from the beginning of the ride to the end. They also have riding lessons for children.

On one fine evening, I experienced a fantastic riding session with Duke riding club and loved their professional services.

A vast green space with well bred horses looks enchanting as I reach the venue around 4.30 pm. After being well acquainted with Laxmi and her team, I am all set to start my horseriding experience.

Their team is well trained and comes with a good experience. I felt really comfortable and at ease as I mounted the horse. The best part was that the team made me feel super comfortable during my entire riding session.

We began riding at 5 pm. It was dusk with a slight tinge on the sky. The clouds looked alluring as it had rained a day before. With my safety gear on, we proceeded on our path towards the jungle trail.

The path was damp and mushy as it had rained non stop for 2 days. But what kept us going was the consistency of the horses and the communication with their riding team. Each obstacle was easily navigated and taken care of while enjoying the beauty of the jungle.

There were low branches, narrow passages, dogs and buffaloes that greeted us on our path, but we kept our leisurely pace and continued the journey.  There were obstacles but all was well taken care of by the team. Walking in the mushy land filled with puddles was an easy task by the diligent trainer who effortlessly led my horse.

What I really loved was the fresh air and peace all around. The journey was for an hour and it was getting dark so we moved back to our base where we started.

I loved the entire experience and would highly recommend the Duke riding club for an ultimate riding experience. You may contact them here for professional riding lessons or jungle trails.

About Duke Riding club –

Duke Horse Riding Club is an Indo- European owned Horse Riding Club located in Sector 58, Gurgaon, Haryana, India. They aim to provide access to horses for people in a very beautiful location with well-kept animals, western standard facilities.

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