अन्नcensored! – Expect the Unexpected in Gurgaon

Over the past few years, Leisure
Valley Gurgaon has come up with some options to indulge for food lovers.  The most recent opening came as a whiff of fresh
air amidst other places. Anncensored is literally a great spot for casual
meals, where the menu even includes a fine line between censored and uncensored

Quintessentially innovative, अन्नcensored enlivens the ever
present- albeit discounted debate of the world- Tradition versus Modernity. It
aims at amalgamating food (with ancient and royal recipes) and technology to
give diners the unique experience which is intense and opulent at the same
time. It uses innovative techniques and secret ingredients which leave you

Interweaving the classic and
contemporary styles, the menu brandishes innovative culinary cuisines-Censored and Anncensored.
While the Censored flaunts of progressive world cuisine with a unique presentation; Anncensored is more dramatic and entwines the myriad
dishes from across the globe with spices and flavors, erstwhile unheard of.
A blend of both worlds, अन्नcensored  offers luxurious
dining experience, casual or lounge, all under one roof with the State of Art
Interior. The theme of the restaurant revolves around illusion and 3D similar
to its basic concept of Tradition and Modern which though coexist but never
become one. The interiors are aesthetic and appeal to the diners, soothing
their artistic alter-ego.
This place has a perfectly packed
menu with several rustic, comforting entrées that have been re-imagined with
thoughtful flavor combinations. While some of these dishes are more successful
than others, it’s the type of menu that one would expect from a higher-end,
metropolitan bistro.
Anncensored – A different take on fusion food
A few notable starters in the
menu included Malai Mushroom. Made with Shishto Pepper, Amul Cheese Fondue and Garlic
Crumb. This dish is a deceptively simple idea of covering simple ingredients to
a prize winner one.
The Butter Chicken Croquettes plays the role of a beautiful
canvas splattered with makhni mayo. The dish is also kissed with mint chutney
that delivers a kick to the senses. The chicken croquettes were exactly what I
was hoping for—creamy, indulgent and subtly flavored with freshness.
For soups, I relished the
mushroom tea and ricotta dumpling. The salad includes a watermelon, green
apple, puffed rice chaat with feta and broken puchka crumble that comes
beautifully plated. The tangy beetroot tikki chaat, crispy spinach and Nori serve
as a great bridge between the sourness of tamarind and the earthiness of the
The Ratatouille stuffed baby
baingan is immense and satisfying. With lababdar gravy made from peanut and
anar dana churma, each bite conjures up some lovely flavor combinations. It’s
definitely the type of dish that needs to be eaten in well-planned bites.
The Drinks
At अन्नcensored expect the unexpected as the
cocktails are quirky and fun, they are anything but regular. Truly
cosmopolitan, each drink comes with its own secret potion or in other words-
inimitable twist.
Tikki Cocktails for example, provide a perfect incredible
experience, which reflect the saccharine promise of classic mélanges cocktails
fashioned the contemporary way. The innovative drinks menu has many surprising
potions like Alcohol n Cookie, Indian Huskie which are made with truly unique
Not to forget the illusionary
cocktails, the secret ingredients and mind blowing presentations will entice
you and cajole you to give in to the paradise of luxury and grandeur, guaranteed
by the ambience and infrastructure.
Censored – Delectable and unforgettable
My first bit of advice to diners
is not to forget the censored version. The Mushroom Consume with Hazelnut foam captures
the flavors of mushrooms but gently accentuates the flavor of Hazelnut giving
this soup a distinctly autumnal feel.
The salt roasted beetroot and goat cheese
salad was a fantastic complement to beets, and all of those corresponding
flavors from maple glazed apricot and toasted walnuts made this simple dish a heavenly
The Teriyaki glazed mushroom,
crispy fried tofu and shishito pepper skewer achieved a contrasting effect,
offering small bursts of corresponding flavors to the richness of mushroom. The
Chicken Bomba has a finely cut profile.
I felt nice that it is a pleasant
change from the usual stuff with pilled chicken, jalapeno, and corn and paprika
croquettes. However, the juicy goodness comes nestled within butter Confit
Vegetables, which is a soul comforting option with grilled paneer and truffle
oil. The flavors worked very well with vegetables.
The Desserts -Censored and Anncensored
The fresh take on desserts was
presented in both avatars, making me devour the sweet treats to the last bite. Although
I loved the Orange Cheese Cake, but the rum balls presented in the censored
menu got me weak in the knees. It was love at first bite that made me forget my
dieting and splurge into the goodness of chocolate and rum.
Together the ambiance, the food
and drinks menu and the infrastructure astounded me to a level that is
impossible to express. Few restaurants aim for this kind of magical experience,
and even fewer achieve it. Anncensored has acquired that brilliantly.
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