Best place for summer vacations – Aamod Shoghi

Summers are at its peak and you might be searching for the best place for summer vacations with your family. We would recommend Aamod Shoghi for its scenic views, excellent location and adventure activities.

What Aamod Shoghi offers you –

If you want to satiate your thirst for pristine natural surroundings, you can head towards Aamod. Tucked neatly in a quaint town Shogi, Aamod is barely 15 kms before Shimla. The property is a personification of untouched nature.

How to reach Aamod –

About 350 kms, Shogi is well connected by rail and road. It takes four hours by Shatabdi express from New Delhi to Kalka and another two hours from there to the resort.

Shoghi has become a favorite for maximum vacationers who come here to relax. Honeymooners, back packers or peace lovers have just one reason to come here- Relaxation amidst Nature.

Although the drive to the resort is tiring, the sight of the resort that says “Paradise Unplugged” soothes the eyes. As we entered  Aamod, smiling attendants greeted us warmly with a welcome drink – Kahwa. The warm drink is as endearing as the scenic surrounding of the resort.

As we move towards our piece of heaven in our cottage, a signage on a small piece of wood that reads “Delhi 349 kms, Chandigarh 49 kms and stress far far away” seems perfectly apt.

The mysterious trek through the timeless trees towards our cottage gives a chance to seep into the crisp air and soulful music of the birds and insects.

Beautiful flowers with butterflies perched on them beckon you to stand and watch in delight. The sight of lanterns outside cottages, swaying trees of pine, cedar and walnut give you an eerie yet comforting feeling.

Eco friendly resort in the mountains –

The 20 cottages at Aamod are all made on different slopes of the mountain giving each resident a special view of the landscape. Without chopping a single tree, Aamod is tastefully constructed keeping the luxury traveler’s choice in mind.

A small balcony outside each room gives a breathtaking view of the majestic Himalayas that is endearing and mesmerizing. The historical toy train railway platform in the deep valley can also be seen from one of the spots.

While the muddy exteriors give the cottages a rough look, the interior on the other hand tell a different story altogether. Each cottage has warm comfortable beds, LCD TV’s, kettle with tea coffee sachets, mini snack bar and attached luxury washrooms.

The gentle murmurs of the wind makes you fall in love with everything around you. Such is the magic of this beautiful serene place.


The walk towards the restaurant revs up the appetite even further. The Colonial café is decorated in true British style that boasts of an array of pan-Asian dishes served with true hospitality.


Aamod has all the viable options to make your stay a memorable one. An adrenaline junkie can head for the in-house adventure zone that promises thrill on the hill.

A dedicated team of professional trainers assist you in taking the first leap to challenge your fear levels. 10 activities including the Burma Bridge, Rope Bridge Walk, Commando Net and the Tyre swing give you the fun element in life that makes you want to forget any hurdle or stress in life. We tried every outdoor activity and scored a ten on ten in our fitness quotient. The trek breaks all the shackles of animosity with my jungle friends. Luck was with me as I could spot birds like the Red jungle fowl, Night jazz, Patience, Thrush, Tree magpie and many more – all waiting to be congenial! We were taken to a small village that was owned by the friendliest farmer family I have ever come across. We got acquainted with a variety of vegetable and fruits that tasted delicious.

We were escorted to a small kitchen that had warm blankets
spread on the floor. A scrumptious lunch of lentils, cottage cheese, chick peas, maize roti with jaggery & ghee tasted divine. I have never been so satiated and contented after a meal. Their warm smiling faces and hospitality won my heart to an extent I cannot express.


A rough patch and a tiring climb uphill leads to a paradise called Sublime – A spa with a difference. Situated on the highest hillock, the spa boasts of a panoramic view of the sun kissed sky and the mellow valleys – beckoned to give you a sight you shall never forget. For those who are fitness conscious, can burn a few calories at the yoga
session held every morning in the outdoors of the spa. Feeling each breath connecting with the universe, the yoga session amidst nature de-stresses and relaxes your mind, body and soul.

The sublime spa has massages starting from INR 1500 that include Himalayan journey, Divinely Deep Tissue, classical Swedish and Ayurvedic massage. Couples get to enjoy their intimate
moments while enjoying a couple therapy session followed by Jacuzzi.

My experience at the Spa

A Vanilla body massage suggested by the Spa manager begins with a vanilla scrub mixed with aromatic oils. The massage is perfect in exfoliating the dead cells and improving the blood circulation. The masseur well trained in her job uses the exact pressure to relax every nerve in the body thus inducing me to deep sleep. A warm towel cleanses the body and revitalizes me. The pampering is yet to be witnessed further as a  Jacuzzi room with a breathtaking view of the
beautiful scenery awaits me.

Soaking in the warm water and gazing at the sun spreading an orange hue in the sky melting in the enormous mountains is a memorable moment. It was soon time for a scrumptious buffet dinner at the
Colonial café where we dined in natural surrounding enjoying our mocktails and wine.


Adjoining the reception, a recreation centre with few books, a dart board and carom is placed. After a fabulous game, it was time to
begin our trek to our cottage for a Good Night’s Sleep.

The next day, I went for a cycle ride towards the mountain side. Although it was tedious to ride the bike uphill, but it was a also a lot of fun. I returned back to the resort happy and satisfied.

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Address: Village Shahlaghat, P.O. Kaithlighat, Himachal Pradesh 173215

Phone: 092130 22541

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