7 Reasons to stay at Ranjit’s Svaasa, Amritsar

Amritsar is a melting pot of tradition and mysticism. Each corner of the city spells magic in its own ways. Few days ago, I visited this place with my mum.  Shopping, sightseeing and good food were the order of the day and we were looking forward to experiencing relaxation and peace.While researching on the internet to find the best places in Amritsar for a holistic experience, I came across Ranjit’s Svaasa.

Here are 7 reasons why you must visit this place –

Location –

The Homestay is a convenient base to explore Amritsar. It is an easy drive to the main attractions including the beautiful Golden Temple and the local markets.  The entrance is on a narrow lane but offers easy access to the drivers to drive in.

Green Hues –

Located in a plush alley of Ranjit Avenue, this place has a vibrant vibe that appeals you the moment you step in. Huge trees, well manicured lawns, terrace gardens speak in volume about the care and attention the owners have taken in maintaining this place. I was awe-struck with the peace and serenity as I walked past the gigantic trees and beautiful plants.

Old world charm –  

We were swooning over the old world charm the moment we stepped inside the reception.  The waiting area/reception sets the scene perfectly for the rest of experience. Built within a renovated decades old home by their forefathers, this chic Homestay maintains the same old-world charm, despite all the contemporary décor.

The Hospitality –

Ranjit’s Svaasa is all about precision in detailing. Their warmth and personal attention makes you fall in love with the place instantly. The place feels like home with your own family members waiting to embrace you the moment you walk inside. The owner, Abhimanyu ensures his guests are well taken care of. In spite of his busy schedule, he takes out time to solve guest’s enquiries.  The staff is smiling and welcoming.

The Rooms –

I didn’t have the chance to experience the rooms, but was taken around by the caretaker. The Homestay offers a range of accommodation from double rooms to larger suites. Each room has a different look and feel from the next but they are all elegantly designed taking influence from the heritage and modern design elements.

Maintaining the old world charm, their rooms have subtle hues painted on walls and paintings hung on each corner. The windows usher in natural light and give splendid views of the swaying trees.  The beds were the classiest ones I have ever come across. Finished with teak wood, they were simply perfect to crash down after a city sightseeing tour.

Spa –

We couldn’t experience the head to toe massage, but somehow got acquainted with their therapeutic treatments that focus on healing and relaxation.  The reflexologist is an expert with his foot massage. I loved how precise and dedicated his therapy was. The ambiance of the spa is sober and takes you to a different world altogether.  

Organic Food

When a guest leaves any homestay/hotel, the most important thing that lingers on the mind is the quality of food. If you are in Amritsar, you must experience their organic food. The quality of ingredients is totally in sync with the method of cooking. In each bite, you would feel closer to paradise. Simple dishes like pumpkin, spinach and lentils were made with simple ingredients but tasted divine.


You must visit the place for a phenomenal experience. The owners are extremely friendly and very approachable.


Ranjit’s Svaasa

47-A, Mall Road, Amritsar, Punjab 143001

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