7 Reasons to Visit the Triveni Terrace Cafe

The Cafe is a part of the Triveni Kala sangam, a melting pot of art and culture where culturally inclined people come and immerse themselves while browsing at several art exhibitions. The place is a favorite for art enthusiasts and nature lovers who enjoy coffee and conversations in the open.

Here are 7 reasons of visiting this beautiful place –

  1. Location – The green landscaping and clean surroundings make it perfect for a meal with your family and friends. you can soak in the tranquility and vibe of the Triveni Terrace cafe while enjoying their food. The swaying trees and sound of birds are an add on to the food experience.
  2.  Food – The best part of this place is their exquisite variety of food items. you can enjoy their starters and meals that are delicious and unconventional. Most highly recommended are the paalak patta chaat and their kababs.  
  3.  Pocket Friendly – The best thing about Triveni Terrace cafe is although their food variety is huge, their rates are affordable. Students can enjoy their meal without burning a hole in their pocket.
  4.  Warm hospitality – Although the place is buzy on all days, the hospitality of the staff is commendable. They ensure you get your meal on time with a smile.
  5.  Well spaced seating arrangements – What I loved most was the roomy arrangement at the cafe. Often in restaurants, we find this concept missing and are unable to get privacy and comfort while dining. Their spacious seating arrangement makes it easy to enjoy a nice meal without being disturbed.
  6.  The best filter coffee – No one makes filter coffee the way this place does. I have never experienced coffee the way I did at Triveni Terrace Cafe. 
  7.  Best place for a winter brunch – The last and the best reason to dine at Triveni Terrace Cafe is their winter brunches. You can soak in the sun in the winter months in the outdoor cafe while sipping a hot filter coffee.
Details – 

Timing – 10 AM to 9 PM

Address – 

205, Tansen Marg, FICCI Auditorium, Todermal Road Area, Mandi House, New Delhi

Nearest Metro station – Mandi House


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