Wellness and Luxury – House of Kapaali

House of Kapaali – Much more than a Retreat
Kapaali refers to Lord Shiva.
Located in the beautiful escapade called Greater Noida, sits this wellness
abode that is synonymous with love, family, happiness, peace and tranquility. Here you come as a wanderer and go back as a friend to the Kapaali family. It
is owned by two sisters; Mansi and Suhani, one who is an ardent yoga enthusiast
while the other a die-hard marathon runner who loves making friends.

The place is about two hours
drive from Delhi and is a one-of-its-kind Wellness Retreat. The House of
Kapaali runs under the name of Lord Shiva and has eight tastefully
decorated rooms called – Omkara, Nataraja, Rudraksha, Mahamaya, Kailash,
Shambho, Shankara and Pushkara.

Opened in 2007 to people who love
the unusual, this place offers all-inclusive healthy holidays to change the way
you think about well-being and programmes which Invigorate, Replenish &
Enrich the mind, body and soul.
The wellness retreats are held at their farm
that is about 30 minutes drive towards the Yamuna expressway. These retreats
have set dates and specialize on health and wellness throughout the year.
The Property
Beautiful elements make up this
wellness retreat, that has a reception, dining, kitchen and Zen inspired
rooms with floor-to-ceiling view windows that bathe the room in natural light.
room is created for comfort and is laden with decadent rich textures, comfortable
beds and luxurious linens.
The huge washroom has luxury essentials
that make the bathing experience an indulgent one.
The products from
Manaste kept in the washroom exhibit luxury and care for their guests. I have
never enjoyed my bathing experience anywhere else.
The shower gel and shampoos
are made with natural ingredients that are mild and safe to use. The in-built closet
with a safe inside adds to the comfort at the House of Kapaali.
Although there is a complimentary
Wi-Fi in the rooms, it’s always best to communicate with the surroundings and
the warm hosts of the house that make you want to stay on forever.
First Impressions
My review begins in the reception
area, where I am introduced to the Manger who gives a small tour of the place.

I was in awe with the paintings, miniatures and plants that are placed in every
corner of the house making you feel at home.

As we checked in and refreshed,
we were ushered to the balcony that was beautifully lit up. Potted plants adorn
the balcony, while the hedges and decoratives add volume to the décor.
The Food
The kitchen staff is incredibly knowledgeable
and super approachable anytime. The dinner was a perfect concoction of taste
and presentation that accentuated our appetite even further.
We had black
lentils and dum aalo with some naan. I try to stay away from heavy dinners, but when
I had the first bite I was lost in the aromatic flavors and seasonings that
made me eat wholeheartedly.
We relished the dinner and retired to the rooms
with a satiated feeling.That night I slept quite
peacefully and woke up to the shrill sounds of birds.
After having some green
tea that was placed in our room, we moved outdoors for some hearty breakfast. The
smell of poha and upma lured us to the table that was
laden with a healthy breakfast.
A fresh glass orange juice and a bowl of fruits
enticed me as I love having fruits first thing in the morning. Followed by
this, we had some upma and poha that were prepared very well and
tasted brilliant. One of the most liberating things
about House of Kapaali is that there is simplicity in everything. The delicious
meals are served at the table and all you have to do is turn up and absorb the benefits.
The Farm Experience
After breakfast, we were taken to
the farm to enjoy their own grown vegetables and have lunch made by the
caretaker family. Barely half an hour away from the House of kapaali, the farm
house sits on a vast farmland with vegetables that are grown organically.
We got
a chance to pluck spinach, lettuce, garlic. The lunch we had at the farm tasted
divine and felt super light to digest. After basking in the sunshine and
playing with the farm animals we moved back.
A cycle trip was planned by suhani
who is an avid Marathon runner and cyclist. We got to cycle towards the Jaypee
Greens. It started getting dark as we cycled back.
A warm welcome by Suhani’s
father took away tiredness caused by the cycle ride.
A few friends had also
come to join us for dinner. We devoured some chicken made by my husband along with some lentils, fish and vegetables.
The experience to cook in their kitchen is
one of a kind. The staff and the hosts are very encouraging and helpful which
is rarely seen at any home stay. I loved the personal touch and warmth of the
member of the Kapaali house.
·         Retreats at the farm
Delicious and fresh food
Personal attention and care by the hosts
Activities like cycling and running
Notes & Recommendations

Tell your family, friends and
work you are offline during your stay as you would want to truly disconnect from
the world and benefit the most from this healthy holiday.

The House of Kapaali is perfect
for solo travelers, couples, friends or anyone who is serious about making a difference
to their well-being and come out the other side feeling better than ever. I
look forward to the chance to attend their retreats. 

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