Viva Fit – World’s leading ‘Women’s Only’ Fitness Chain

Ola Senoras! Say hello to Portugal – say hello to fitness.
From the shores of the West European country where fitness is as much about fun
as a healthy body, comes the leading international ‘women’s only’ fitness
centre VIVA FIT right in the middle of your city.

In a clutter of gyms across the city, what makes VIVA FIT
different? Well, for starters we believe that getting fit is about fun – our
tagline is in fact Love Living Fit. Founded in 2003 in
Portugal by Pedro Ruiz, VIVA FIT introduced scientifically tested fitness
modules that are in accordance with the endurance capacity of women from all
age groups.
VIVA FIT’s mission is to help women get healthier and lose
weight by changing their eating and exercise habits. Focusing on the health
needs of women in the age group of 14-80, VIVA FIT endeavors to have a fighting
fit clientele.

The highlight of the new VIVA FIT fitness centre is that all
programs are concentrated 30 minute programs and the introduction of highly
proven ‘LES MILLS’ certified program by a New Zealand based company which is
licensed to VIVA FIT in India.The other innovative fitness solutions being offered by VIVA
FIT are:
·    Body Vive by Les Mills: A group atmosphere
training session great for strength and resistance. Good for all age groups and
various fitness levels.  Being introduced in India for the first time.
·    Zumba:  A popular Latin American based
dance fitness program great for overall fitness, grace and style.
·   Circuit Training: A 30 minute intense machine
workout great for strength and resistance set to music – simply exhilarating!
·    Sh’bam by Les Mills: An exclusive  program
with VIVA FIT, Sh’bam is a simple and stylish dance workout great for cardio
and easy to do set to the tunes of latest chartbusters makes you forget that
you are  even exercising – perfect way to shape up.
·   Pilates – A set of specially designed floor
exercises which aims at building strength without the bu improves
flexibility, agility helps prevent injury.
·   Body
– Is a Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates training program set to music that
combines the benefit of all  three programs into one dynamic workout.

VIVA FIT,  M71, 1st Floor,
GK2, M block Market.

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