The Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre – Smart way to well-being

Health is Wealth’ and you realize it once it begs for attention. Few days ago, I was invited to witness a once of a kind smart wellness center that takes care of Metabolism – The Smart Metabolic Anti-Aging Centre, which is a
unit of Gujarmal Modi Hospital & Research Centre (GMHRC) based in Saket,
New Delhi. This place was one of a kind with smart doctors and equipments that fall perfect for imroving the overall diagonisis and care of the human body.

The Centre is a first of its kind Metabolic & Functional wellness clinic in India that focuses on reversing metabolic damage caused by ageing. It is a one-stop solution to all age-related and lifestyle diseases that are commonplace today.
The centre specializes in the reversal of diseases like Diabetes and also Fat loss through a holistic yet non-invasive approach with results in as little as 2 weeks.
This latest offering from Dr BK Modi owned Smart Group, follows his mantra of “helping people being Happy, Healthy and Wealthy beyond a 100.”  
The Centre’s integrative approach combines the best of Proactive Healthcare, which has been developed by some of the world’s leading doctors who have qualified from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.
Through a mix of state of the art diagnostics, wellness programs, plant-based nutraceuticals, lifestyle support and Regenerative Medicine Techniques, services are devised to arrest and in most cases, reverse disease and extend individual health & vitality.
The Intravenous Therapies – that infuse essential vitamins, nutrients, amino acids directly into the bloodstream, were a major hit with patrons as an immediate solution to counter the effects of city life.
The center also offer a range of Aesthetic treatments starting from lasers, fillers, medicated facials to permanent makeup and  Regenerative Cell Therapies.
Speaking on the occasion, Ms Preeti Malhotra (President, GMHRC & Saket Mediciti) said “The centre is the first of many world-class healthcare services that GMHRC plans to bring into India as a part of their upcoming project – Saket Mediciti which will be a fully integrated health hub with a Super Specialty Hospital, Assisted Living Centre, Medical Office Buildings, Stem Cell Bank & research and other facilities to cater to the Smart City of New Delhi.”
My diagnosis
I was elated and surprised both at the same to discover some deteriorating factors of my health. I was counselled by doctors who specialized in hormones, postures, skin, weight and bone density.  They are smart and well equipped with the latest inventions and medication to suit specific needs.
Smart Group – An Introduction
The centre is the latest venture
of Dr BK Modi owned Smart Group. Started in 1980’s, Smart Group is a leading,
diversified business conglomerate with interests in mobility, finance,
healthcare, entertainment and technology sectors. The group has recently
ventured into clean energy & life sciences. Headquartered in Singapore, it
has a global footprint that spans across India, China, ASEAN, Middle East, US,
UK and Africa.
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