The Great Adventure Fest @ vXplor Adventures

The Great Adventure Fest, the flagship event
of the leading adventure sports company in the NCR region – vXplor Adventures
Pvt. Ltd., is organizing from 24 November to 27 November, 2013 at
vXplor Adventure Hangout, Narainpur Aligarh Uttar Pradesh.

The Great Adventure Fest has become one
of the biggest adventure events in India. The 2013 Autumn edition
will feature adventure sporting events that are expected to attract
connoisseurs from across the country. Participants will be able to try their
hand at a range of activities such as Skydiving (Static Line Jumps), Motored
Paragliding I (Short Sprint), Motored Paragliding II (Long Sprint), Hot Air
Ballooning (Tethered), The Great Cyclothon (Own Cycle), Quad Biking, Paintball,
Basic Horsemanship Course, Day Package Special Combo – Flying Fox. All
individual events will be conducted under the supervision of experts and
promise an adrenalin rush like no
vXplor is a perfect example of
successful corporate youth following their dreams. The company had
its genesis in a hobby in 2009 and graduated to a Pvt. Ltd company in 2011. It
has already worked with more than 35 corporate clients,
including some of the leaders in the IT, Telecom, Infrastructure and Education
industries. Pioneers in innovative idea generation, vXplor have introduced some
new adventure sports in India such as Caving, Mountain Biking & Ghost
Tours. They have also actively promoted Skydiving, Paragliding, Rafting and
other extreme adventures.
Moreover, they support environmentally responsible travel
and visits to relatively undisturbed natural areas, in order to help people
appreciate nature and promote conservation. vXplor ensures a low visitor impact
in all its expeditions. vXplor Core team has small dreams backed by big vision
and they aim at
making India the most preferred destination for adventure sport in
the world.
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