The Artisanal Brunch at Annamaya, Andaz

Sundays are perfect for simply lazing around and devouring your favorite food. Getting up late and indulging in a hearty meal is something we all cherish.  For me, there could be no place better than Annamaya in Andaz, New Delhi. Located in Aerocity, the Annamaya Andaz Hotel comprises of the finest gastronomical delights that are organic and taste amazing.


Based on the artisanal concept , the organic ingredients that go into each dish reveal the flavors and authenticity of Annamaya.

Bringing together and focussing on different offerings of the hotel, it is a perfect definition of countless reasons, one Andaz.

We were invited to review their lazy Sunday brunch and loved each bit of the entire experience. Andaz is a beautiful hotel with Indian and International flavors that is guaranteed to satisfy everybody’s palettes.

Though I’ve been to many properties and experienced their Sunday brunches, I must admit this experience was very special to me.  Having heard a lot about their artisanal flavors and organic ingredients, I was looking forward to witness the Sunday Brunch.

Annamaya sports a gorgeous floral and fruity facade that pleases the guests’ senses. There are bright flowers and fruits adorning walls on each corner. As you glide towards the seating arrangement, you cannot help but ogle at the dessert counter displaying sinful cakes, pastries, donuts, waffles, ice creams and more.  A cart loaded with fruits is another interesting thing to notice. Stained glass windows add to the dramatic appeal, while the seating arrangement completes the look of a fairy tale place. 

A special mention goes to the stylish artistic interiors that could please anyone. The furniture is totally timeless and the tables are the ultimate in luxury.

The mixologists at the bar take the drinks to a new level with inventive cocktails, concoctions, juices from their innovative bar cart.  I indulged in a fresh cucumber based drink spruced with celery while my daughter ordered for a mimosa. The drinks matched our expectations and ignited our appetite for the review to begin with.

The Sunday Brunch

The lazy Sunday brunch at Annamaya includes some of the regular dishes like lamb, pork, chicken and fish. There is a humungous variety of cheese and dips that one can gorge into. Worth trying are their salads that give a burst of flavor and freshness in the first bite. The freshness of each vegetable is evident of the love and care with which they are grown.

The Mediterranean counter has a delIcious spread of hummus in different variants. We loved the freshness of the pita bread that went well with all the dips.

We relished the green mango salad peppered with tomato and avocado dressed with chili lime. The Cottage cheese tikka arrived next, prepared with hung curd and home-made cheese.

The counter that really impressed me with its innovation was the Thai counter with their curries, khao souey and skewers. We also adored the live counters that served chicken, fish and tofu.

The menu of the Lazy Sunday Brunch is enormous. There is an Indian buffet serving lentils, vegetables, biryani and bread.

We were filled to the brim with the amazing array of dishes but had to stop to indulge in some for their fabulous desserts.

We moved towards the desert station where a wide display of sweet delights awaited us. A sinful chocolate cream cheese cake was the first choice followed by an donuts of different varieties. 

The succulent treats are worth trying. You can never get enough of the donuts and the flavored gelatos once you are Annamaya.

The Lazy Sunday brunch came to an end but we were immensely satisfied and delighted with the entire experience. Visit this place if you are looking for food made with fresh ingredients sourced from organic farms served in a classy environment.

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