Tattva Spa @ Courtyard by Marriott Gurugram Downtown – Relaxing @ Rejuvinating

These days, there are spas
mushrooming across the city that promise a good ambiance and aroma but very
rarely target the specific ailment. After some research,  I came to know
that Tattva Spa promises holistic well-being and also promises remedies that last for a longer duration.  I visited the Tattva Spa @ Courtyard by Mariott Gurugram Downtown to review their signature massage. 

Tattva Spa is an exercise in
understated luxury. Detailed architecture transforms the space into a paradise.
Lamps with aromatic oils cast a soft glow while earthen pots filled with rose
petals infuse a relaxing environment.  
The Spa has two single treatment
rooms on the ground level and one single treatment room and one double treatment room on the first floor that are all
equipped with steam rooms.
There are wide range of traditional Asian
and European massage techniques that are tailored to the wellness needs for guests.
Signature treatments include body
scrubs with coffee or green tea, massages with intensely hydrating creams and essential
oils of rosemary, lavender and grapefruit and packs that are perfect for skin rejuvenation and anti-aging.
They also have blended oils like : Prana, Pavitra, Vishram and Dhyana that are their signature oils made after intensive research and precision to elevate relaxation.
Ayurveda : The holistic therapy
I preferred to go with their Ayurveda
therapy as it has a combination of rejuvenation and immunity and is the
ultimate holistic approach to medicine.
The consultant advised me the
Abhyangam massage that would last 90 minutes.
Abhyangam massage
lies at the foundation of Ayurvedic massage treatment. It works wonders on the
body, giving it strength, improves circulation and is
The therapist ushered me to a
quaint room and made me sit on a chair. She dipped my feet in the pot filled
with rose petals and cleansed the feet gently. I was made to lie on the bed
face down. The oil is not fragrant but is definitely healing and helps to relax
aching joints and muscles.
The warm oil soothed my lower
back almost instantly. The masseur worked up the magic of her hands in a
circular motion that helped me to relax and fall asleep. I was transcended in a
different world.
The oil was magical and I could feel the pain almost gone. The
massage on the other parts was also gentle. The thing I loved about the massage
was the subtle yet powerful massage from the ankle to the calves. Later, she
also massaged my head. 
The oil made its way deeper in
the root follicles and made me relax immediately. She then applied pressure points on the head and temple that helped me to
relax further.  
This was followed by a steam
bath where the skin absorbs the oil profusely and makes it more supple and
soft. After fifteen minutes, I felt relaxed and rejuvenated. Post the
treatment, I was offered some calming herbal tea with honey.
tea accentuated my relaxation. I thanked my therapist and the team for the
amazing experience and left the spa satisfied and beaming with joy.  
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