Southern delicacies @ Vaango

South Indian food has always been

my favorite and when I got a chance to review Vaango, I was truly delighted.
Vaango is an ethnic south Indian restaurant that has several outlets across the
city. The closest one for me was South Point mall, so I preferred this one.

The ambiance at this outlet is
surely an eye pleaser. While the service is timed well, the staff ensures that
every guest is taken care of very well. They welcome guests with a polite
greeting in South Indian style and a warm smile. The seats are spacious and the
restaurant is well lit.
The walls have the celebration of
Kerala tradition that pleases the eye as you walk in. Two new entrants from
Mumbai have made their way to South Indian kitchen in Vaango. The streets foods
of aamchi Mumbai –  Vada Pav and Pav
Bhaji were the freshest on the list. Rarely can you find a decent vada pav in
Delhi. The authentic flavors in the vada pav surely impressed me with their

The tender aaloo bondas on the inside along with red chilli powder
and coconut chutney tasted great. However, the pav bhaji is a typical North
Indian street food that it spicy and sweet both. You can try the new Mumbai
street food additions will be available at all Vaango outlets ; Vada Pao @Rs
69/- and Pao Bhaji @99/- only.

The other snacks that can be
savored are the idli Manchurian and idli chaat. These light bites are
definitely easy on the palate and are the best snacks if you want to go for
something not too heavy. The machurian with the typical Manchurian sauce leaves
a spicy note while the idlis in the gravy are soft and tender. Try the unique combos like the
parotta combo that comes with a south Indian bread called parotta along with
vegetable korma, aloo curry and a dessert.
Go for the newly launched drinks
– Tropical Tamarind that has a spicy intonation that first hits the throat and
then cools it down. A flavor of aam panna, this one is perfect for a drink in
the afternoon with meals.
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