Safety tips to consider while travelling during Covid 19 Pandemic

Safety tips recommended while travelling during Covid 19 Pandemic

Being a travel blogger I frequently feel the urge to escape from the city life and explore new places. While most of us are at home and prefer not to step out, there are travel lovers like me who simply cannot stay home.

So if you do plan to travel during the pandemic, it’s highly recommended to follow the Covid guidelines to ensure safety for yourself and for other.


  • According to the World Health Organization, there are several measures you can take to protect yourself and others from getting infected:
  • Wash your hands frequently with good quality soap.
  • Do not touch things like elevator buttons, switches, door handles, windows or anything used publicly with bare hands. Either use gloves or use or use your knuckles.
  • Use only alcohol based sanitizer
  • Ensure to keep the mask on while travelling or interacting with anyone



Although being at home is the safest thing to do, it is always advisable to keep a double check on the destination you are traveling. Also check on the number of poster cases of covid in that area. If there is requirement to self isolate for a week, then you should be prepared for that too. In case of travelling to another state, do check if a covid negative report is required to enter the state. There are certain states that do not allow you without an e-pass or covid negative report.


There are certain hotels and resorts that need you to show the arogya setu app before entering. All you have to do it download the app on your android or iphone and show it to the concerned person. It is simple and saves you lot of time and keeps you updated on features like safety, hygiene and sanitization.


It might seem surprising but aircrafts these days are more concerned about safety than ever. There are very less chances of being infected during the flight in this pandemic. Most aircrafts are equipped with state-of-the-art circulation systems that use a high-efficiency (HEPA) filter to circulate the air and thus remove up to 99.7% of any contamination. So there is no risk of the virus in the aircraft. However, it can be acquired from people in the aircraft, so it’s better to wear the PPE kit and a shield to protect you.

  • Online check-ins is encouraged to discourage minimum personal contact.
  • Some airlines require COVID-19 testing prior to traveling.
  • Masks are required on entering the airport and even while in the aircraft. They must not be taken off on any condition during the flight.
  • Temperature is checked by thermal cameras when you enter the airport or during the transit.
  • There are protective barriers installed at check-in desks that provide additional safety measures to passengers and airline employees during any interaction. Distance between passengers is required, from the entry gate to boarding gates.
  • The middle seats of several airlines are blocked to ensure maximum distance between passengers. This prevents spread of infection to co-passengers.
  • The F&B is mostly cancelled in the flight so you might want to eat something at the airport before boarding the flight.



While hotels offer a warm and comfortable stay to the guests, they also ensure they feel safe during their stay. The hotels need to adhere to the COVID guidelines before they invite guests to experience their hospitality once again.

  • Temperature check is mandatory before entering the hotel premises. If the guest is suffering from fever, they will not be allowed inside.
  • Safe distancing is applied while check-in and check-out to avoid human contact.
  • Some hotels use the latest cleaning protocols and also leave the rooms vacant for more than 24 hours before the next guest arrives.
  • Only one guest is allowed in the elevator.
  • Amenities like gyms or pools are mostly hindered to prevent infections.
  • The housekeeping staff wears PPE kits to impart safety and hygiene.
  • Mostly there is only a la carte option for guests. The buffets are mostly closed down to avoid contact between people.
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