Quick getaway from Delhi – Desi Thaat, Alwar


Desi Thaat is the perfect getaway from Delhi. Barely 3 hours away from Delhi, this luxury resort is located in the heart of Alwar that focuses on sustainability and nature. We enjoyed one night here, whilst enjoying relaxation time in our suite; open to stunning gardens with the best landscaping you can imagine and a beautiful lake nearby. The best part is that it is pet friendly ; so you can bring your adorable pets and enjoy with them.


The road from Delhi via the Mumbai expressway is a very smooth drive. After the highway gets over, you need to turn towards the city and take a detour. This very unassuming road, and indeed the entrance to the resort itself.

We didn’t know how impressive this resort is, until we entered. It was breathtaking. The landscaping is something which is a treat to the eyes. The green cover looks so impressive that you feel connected with Nature instantly. There are three lawns with well planned designing. Mostly this place is booked either for weddings or celebrations. It’s always better to book in advance as their occupancy is always high. Because of its easy connectivity with Delhi, people usually prefer staying here.


There are luxury, premium, lake view cottages and independent villas. Each room offers stunning view ; either of the lake or the well manicured gardens.

We had one of the suites which overlooked a beautiful garden with blooming lilies and roses.  From fabrics and materials to the wall artwork everything looked beautiful. The enormous comfortable bed with extra comfortable pillows adds to the comfortable sleep.  A spacious wardrobe, a large screen LCD TV, mini fridge and lots of storage space for luggage add to comfort. The bathroom with a walk-in shower is nice enough.

Although the room itself remained cool with air-conditioned, there were additional blankets in case guests would feel cold. I loved the attached balcony where we enjoyed the beautiful garden with blossoming roses.


Any activity you are looking at at the resort comes with an additional cost. You can explore the jungle through wild life safaris and ask the resort to book a ride. Or you can also visit the nearby lake and enjoy boating. There are other places to visit that are within 20 minutes distance – The Alwar lake palace that is well equipped with stories of the reigning kings in the Hindu dynasty is one such place to visit.


All meals were served in the restaurant – depending on the package you book, this can be on a total experience or all-inclusive basis; breakfast, lunch and dinner. On entrance to the restaurant is a buffet area used in the mornings for breakfast (juices and tea/coffee served). An important thing to note is that the restaurant only serves vegetarian food. There aren’t even eggs served. For breakfast we enjoyed traditional Indian breakfast comprising of paranthas, curd, and poha with some hot tea.

For lunch we enjoyed a traditional Rajasthani meal that comprised of gatta curry, potatoes and some Indian breads. We kept it simple for dinner with some soup and Chinese food. Overall the food at Desi Thaat is excellent.

Quick Facts

Address –  Garba Ji Road Kishanpur, Siliserh, Rajasthan 301001

Contact –  +91 94149 59708

How to reach – Drive of 3 hours from Delhi via Mumbai Expressway

Accomodation – Luxury, premium, Lake view cottage and Independent Villa

Restaurants – 1 all day dining

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