Perch Wine and Coffee Bar – Artistic & Delightful

Rains and a delicious meal go hand in hand. With the onset of monsoons, the desire to have great food in a beautiful ambiance is something we all look out for. We recently came across one such
place in Khan Market that has the finest selection of wine, food and desserts – The Perch Wine and Coffee Bar.

Parveen, the restaurant manager suggested us to try some signature
dishes from the menu. So we ordered for some Cassava chips with lemon chives and Citrus and scallion quinoa salad with rosemary vinaigrette to begin with.

The Cassava chips were hard to resist. My daughter loved the crunchiness and the flavor of the chips. But I fell in love with the scallion quinoa salad. This has been the best dish I have
reviewed so far. The reason why I am saying this is because of the health factor and the presentation. The chicken salad we ordered next echoes high amount of flavor that simply melts in your mouth.

I was lost in the succulent ingredients. If you love salads, this one should not be missed. The main course included the Grilled chicken breast with tomato and pesto quinoa. This was a pretty dish that tasted as good as it looked. It was hearty and enjoyable, where the chicken was soft and tender, and the spices distinct and bold.

We sealed the meal with a classic cappuccino made with the finest coffee beans and a Double chocolate parfait with raspberry, salted caramel and granola.

The highlight of the place is the dessert and the chocolate parfait wins hands down if you choose among other desserts. Not to be missed are their signature coffees that are hand blended. They not only taste different but they also have a delicious after taste.

I loved everything about the review – the careful throwing of great ingredients together, where nothing extra is added other than attentiveness. It is highly imperative to use the perfect quality of ingredients that complete the meal and Perch has given
justice to it.

Rating: 5 star

Reasons to visit: Ambiance, Coffee, Salads, Desserts

Address:  Khan Market, New

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