Nommers Food Festival @ VIET:NOM

In a city like Delhi, where you cannot get enough of traditional cuisines, there comes a destination for food lovers who love to experiment.

VIET: NOM, the latest entrant to the capital has a little taste of Vietnam in it.  Not only does this cuisine bring flavors like others, but also conveys traditions and cultural values. So what makes the cuisine of this small country so popular, yet so captivating and fascinating?

Is it the depth of flavors or is it the rich history of its origin? Perhaps the best way to get a taste of it is by visiting VIET: NOM.

So be prepared to go on a culinary ride with their traditional and yet unconventional cuisine.

First Impressions

Located in the vibrant food capital Cyber hub, Gurugram, this place has already garnered attention.

For those of you who have never tried Vietnamese food, you are in for a treat. There are so many flavors and simplicity to their dishes and the lightness in every bite makes each dish sensational. 

Vietnam is a country filled with incredible people, joyful streets and mouth-watering food and so the Nommers Festival aims at bringing the same vibe to guests.  Starting from 28th September all the way to 17th  October, this food festival is all set to enliven your taste buds with a wide variety of dishes.

The Nommers festival has a set menu of Monday for seafood, Tuesdays for dimsums and Thursdays for Pork.

The Vietnamese cuisine uses all the five senses to devour the cuisine: nose to take in the aroma, eyes to absorb the bright colors of the dish, tongue to take in all the flavors, ears to listen to the crunchy sound, and sometimes hands to feel the texture of the dish. VIET:NOM does justice in satiating all the senses with their authentic cuisine.

Here are few reasons why you must visit the Nommers festival at VIET: NOM.

Covid protocol

The restaurant here is taking care of all the mandatory COVID protocols like hand sanitizers, gloves, face mask and shield. The tables are placed at a distance to avoid contact between diners. Cutleries are covered in paper bag to ensure hygiene and safety. Scan code is provided for contactless ordering.

Nutritious, healthy ingredients  

I loved how fresh vegetables are utilized extensively. Vietnamese food has a surprisingly low amount of fat, grease, and oil, unlike other cuisines. You can enjoy their cuisine to your heart’s content without worrying about any Trans fat or preservatives added. I think this was the healthiest cuisine I have ever tried. Every dish has its depth of flavor – savory, yet very balanced, owing to the versatile usage of various sauces and spices.

Fusion of various sauces and spices

Though the cooking process is fairly straightforward, the chef made good use of various spices such as salt, pepper, fish sauce accompanied by herbs to create flavors that are both sensational and harmonized, and to add flavor in the dish. The spices were used creatively and in order to fabricate complex favors which are the bases of Vietnamese cooking.


The dimsums have the most amazing variety I have ever come across. Each dumpling carries soft texture with fillings of chicken, shrimp, vegetables and pork. The burnt garlic sauce makes the perfect pairing.

The ‘Pho’ bowl

A bowl of ‘Pho’ in Vietnam usually has bean sprouts. Yet no matter how different the variation is, you can still taste the quintessential elements within it: light, sweet broth, tender soft pieces of chicken, fresh vegetables, some rice noodles, some herbs to go along and the seducing scent of aromas. You can also add some peanuts, burnt garlic or fried onions to add more flavor to the bowl. This is definitely the heart and soul of the Vietnamese cuisine. I loved the Pho bowl and suggest you not to miss this bowl of goodness.

Main Course

If you love spiciness and color to your dishes, you will love their main course. The fish served with noodles that we tried was the best combination in the entire culinary odyssey. The tangy sauces and soft texture of the fish match well with the noodles.

Best cocktails

I have to admit I am not a wine lover, but the sangrias at VIET: NOM swept me off my feet. We were spoilt for choices while looking at the menu for drinks. The bartender, a truly gifted person, curated some of the best sangrias for us. We tried the kiwi sangria and lemongrass sangria. Both made in white wine spelled perfection and innovation.

The place is simply worth visiting if you love to try on a cuisine that is healthy and scrumptious.

Details :

Festival : Nommers Affair – Seafood Mondays/ Dimsum Tuesdays/Pork Thursdays

Place : VIET:NOM, Cyber City, Gurugram

Hours: 12 Noon – 11 PM

Phone: 918512026356

Meal for two: INR 1,700 onwards

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