Nimba Nature Cure & Holistic Centre – Healing for the mind, body and soul

With our current lockdown predicament leaving us more likely to be chained to the screens and phones, it becomes even more important to go on a digital and a body detox for peace and equilibrium. A wellness retreat can help in achieving mental and physical health goals while immersing in Nature’s bounty.

Nimba Nature Cure – Nature’s gift to mankind

Nimba Nature Cure offers a calming and relaxing experience to people who are looking for a full body detox, getting rid of persistent ailments or simply relax in nature availing the best ayurveda therapies.

Nestled away from the main city Ahmedabad, the sustainably run Nimba Nature Cure is an oasis of calm. Escaping from the normality of life, you can rest and recuperate in this wellness center. Here you can acquire inner peace and physical rejuvenation following the therapeutic path, inspired by ancient Ayurveda medicine. They have world-class therapies that are created to mirror the peaceful surroundings.

Weather you desire a balance in your energy or aim to hit specific health goals; you will leave this magical destination feeling transformed and rejuvenated.

My Experience

I spent an amazing day at Nimba Nature Cure and I would thoroughly recommend this as one of the best retreat in India for health, fitness and wellbeing. All the programs and treatments at Nimba Nature Cure are developed following the holistic approach of treating a human body as a whole, looking at all aspects of human mental and social wellbeing.

Nimba Nature Cure offers a dramatic combination of wellness through Ayurveda and Naturopathy.  You can find yourself immersed in the serenity of the landscape and watch the beautiful artifacts spread across the dedicated wellness space.

A large Buddha in the center of the space goes well with the tone of the setting and helped in spreading the message of healing. All the five elements are used keeping in mind their co-relation with human’s existence. Water bodies are created to add to the beauty of the space.

In the garden, a kalpvrishka is planted that signifies all the signs and characteristics of the human body. This garden is worth visiting.


Nimba Nature Cure is perfect for anyone interested in health and well-being. So if you are looking for a complete body detox or just looking to rediscover yourself this is the perfect place. You will leave this resort feeling totally rejuvenated both mentally and physically.


They have beautiful cottages that are thoughtfully designed to reflect simplicity and wellness. All rooms have wide balconies with panoramic views of the landscape and green cover of the trees.  My room had a canopy queen-size bed with soft cotton bedspread and throw pillows. The wide windows and sliding door with a gentle breeze ushering in added to the beauty of the room. A kettle and sachets of green tea were placed in the room. The washroom was equipped with a rain shower, one sink and a WC.

Ayurveda therapies

There are two blocks for ayurveda therapies – for men and women. The therapy center offers a full treatment menu, including some of the best massages based on the body type. After a consultation with the doctor, the patient/guest moves to the therapy room for the treatment. I was adviced an abhyanga massage with potli as I had some pain in my joints.  

After greeting me, the masseuse recited a small prayer before beginning with the treatment. This prayer is to enhance good vibes and healing for the patient. She requested me to lie face down on the wooden bed.  The room is tranquil and gives a calming sensation to the mind. The therapist, who has acquired training in therapeutic massages, was very well versed with pressure points. She began the therapy with a very gentle oil massage. The herbal oil is very helpful to re-texturize the skin, which is taken in generous amount and is gently applied on the body. Every muscle of the body is gently pressed while smothering the oil, removing tensed muscles. This therapy was followed by potli massage. I was transcended in a different world when the therapy began.

I enjoyed most of the aspects on wellness, from the body composition analysis at the beginning to the wellness programme. Their yoga and meditation sessions are very helpful in being transported into a meditative state.


Food play a pivotal role in healing and Nimba Nature cure has a fantastic conjugation of natural ingredients that aid in healing. 

With wellness at the core of Nimba wellness, their organic kitchen garden comprise of all the ingredients to create simple yet healing recipes that are curated as per the plan of each patient. There can be a 7 day or 21 days detox plan based on the ailment/therapy.

They ensure all the dishes are made using natural whole foods sourced from their own organic farm. There is no alcohol or non vegetarian items keeping in mind the healing and detoxification process.  

My overall experience at Nimba Nature Cure

From the moment I arrived until I departed, there was not a single flaw. The patience and perseverance of each staff member at Nimba is commendable as they adhere to the guests’ requests with so much ease. This place is highly recommened if you are relaxing for a peaceful sojourn.



Baliyasan, Nr. Mccain Foods, Ahmedabad, Expressway, Mehsana, Gujarat 382711

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: 083473 13333

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