Ladakh Serai – A luxury boutique property in the heart of Ladakh

Since a long time we were planning a trip to the world’s most famous place known for gigantic mountains, surreal lakes, beautiful monasteries and the cleanest air.  Ladakh – a place that reverberates the soul and leaves you with scintillating memories.

We stayed at the gorgeous Ladakh Serai for two nights and loved the experience. It was the perfect place for acclimatization and getting used to the temperature of Ladakh.

What we loved about ladakh serai –

  • The views… there is nothing more spectacular.
  • Amazing local design throughout the hotel giving it a light and airy look
  • Cozy courtyard that makes the property feel like a private mansion
  • The dining experience that comprises the best of Indian and continental cuisine
  • The shining stars –  You will enjoy one of the best views of the milky way

After a flight of an hour from Delhi, we were picked up by the driver from Ladakh Serai. The drive was scenic with the huge mountains welcoming us, the blue sky with white clouds drifting so beautifully and the smooth roads that carried us towards our destination.

It was only twenty minutes later that we arrived at Ladakh Serai.  We were in for a pleasant surprise as we stepped inside the beautiful property with flowers in full bloom spread everywhere.  The staff greeted us warmly with a glass of hot ginger lemon tea- perfect for calming the nerves and easing our respiratory problem. As Ladakh is on a high altitude, it’s better to relax and acclimatize for minimum two days.

The manager greeted us personally and ushered us to the relaxing area where we could catch our breath. We were not rushed to do any check-in at all. We were asked if we would like to drink anything or enjoy the breakfast buffet spread. However, after enjoying the fresh ginger and lemon tea, we moved towards our room on the first floor. The walk towards the room was a tough challenge, but we somehow braved it.

Heritage suite

Our heritage suite opened up to a light filled spacious room with huge windows giving us the best views. The suite comprised of a king size bed with huge pillows, a cozy sofa with fluffy cushions and a wardrobe with plenty of space. The suite was extremely spacious and interestingly matched the views.

The interior design was light to better focus on the stunning exteriors and the snow capped mountains. I absolutely love the quality of the bed with its pillow as well as the fact that they had good quality bath products – kind of rare at this remote place.

The washroom with toilet, single vanity and rain shower was just perfect.  The towels were very fluffy and the pressure of the shower was very good. It‘s all about the little details that make a nice hotel.

Facilities –

In addition to the rooms, there are plenty of common space that can be used as well including reading rooms with latest books and games to pass the time.

The center of the resort makes a stunningly well manicured garden with the most beautiful flowers in full bloom like dahlias, sunflowers, roses; poppies along with apricot trees spread everywhere.  


When we took the seat in the beautiful  dining room that was filled with the most gorgeous light one could have, we were not just served coffee but also a continental breakfast buffet consisting of nutella waffles, pancakes, cakes, croissants and the most amazing homemade jams and soft bread we have ever tried.

Served in the most dramatic room of the property, the restaurant has a totally impressive character as the views go onto the beautiful surrounding. Every evening the chef prepares an interesting course menu that is actually nothing less than michellin-star worthy.

The dinner was stunning with some scrumptious soups to begin with and breadsticks to accompany with a continental spread.  The main highlight of the dinner was the sautéed vegetables served with mashed potatoes. The next day we tried the pan-Asian cuisine that comprised of pan Asian noodles and fried rice.

The excellent choice of home-made breads that came along with butter and olive oil along with soups. The dessert which can just be described as out-of-this world or simply 10 out of 10.

Finally as I remember our stay, the most remarkable sight was watching the most stunning sky I have ever seen in my entire life. Ladakh is known for its clear skies.

We were extremely lucky to see a cloudless sky throughout our stay. So there were we lying on the reclining chairs looking up in the sky, somewhere enjoying spectacular vistas of Orion and the Milky Way.

With this view in mind, sleep was on par and we were ready to retire to our comfortable beds, which were no surprise – the best sleep of our lifetime.

Generally said it was one of the best resorts we have stayed so far and Jigmet is doing an excellent job, managing the property so well and offering the perfect service.

The property is easily accessible here.

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