Home Spa experience with Amaze

The concept of home “spa,” is
catching up quite well in the cities. Today women have barely any time left for
themselves due to demanding home and office routines. The best way to rejuvenate
without stepping outside is to indulge in a pampering session at home.

That extends the relaxation
process even further without dressing up again and driving back home. I would
advice my readers to choose the massage services from Amaze.
The services that I
experienced last time were flawless and so I thought of trying their massages. They
have an exhaustive list of body scrubs, packs and massages. I picked up the simple
olive oil massage accompanied by other basic services like manicure, face cleanup
and root touch up.
Two girls arrived on the exact time with their bags and a warm smile. I ushered them to my room where they starting placing their equipment. Minutes later they were ready to begin with the services.
Olive oil and its benefits –
Massage with Olive oil especially crafted in the winter chills helps to generate warmth and promote relaxation to the body and so it becomes essential to indulge in a hot oil massage in this cold season.
It may
help to repair skin damaged from overexposure to the sun. Head Massage with Olive
oil helps to heal dry, flaky scalp conditions such as dandruff, and scalp
massage with olive oil promotes healthier, shinier and more manageable hair.
The Treatment –
Drenching skin from head-to-toe
in olive oil goodness, the 50 minutes massage helps to even out skin tone. The
Body Treatment begins with an invigorating massage that increases circulation
and buffs away dull skin that cured some lower back pain bothering me since
The warm oil soothed my lower
back almost instantly. Both the masseurs worked up the magic of their hands in
a circular motion that helped me to relax and fall asleep.
I was transcended in
a different world. The effect of olive oil was magical and I could feel the
pain almost gone. The massage on the other parts was also gentle.
The masseur then cleanses my face
with a home-made scrub made from my own kitchen – wheat, milk, lemon and
turmeric that is mixed well and applied on the skin. The scrub is then gently massaged
in the skin taking care of the eyes and then taken off. This is followed by a
cleansing action made by citrus fruits like oranges that helps in smoothening
the skin tone and add a sheen on the face. The manicure and root touch up
with L’Oreal was also praiseworthy.
What I loved about the Amaze services were
that they ensured each thing was taken care of from towels, bowls and cotton. While
one girl applies the hair color, the other goes ahead with the manicure. The nails
after filing are immersed in warm water followed by gentle scrubbing to loosen
dead cells and tanning from the skin. Followed by a scrub and later cleansing
with a mild shampoo the hands finally start breathing. The massage is done well
and light colored nail paint ends the session on a beautiful note.
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