Get Naturaly Gorgeous at the Persona Spa

The life of a city dweller is completely chaotic with deadlines, meetings, responsibilities and not to forget, stress both at the office and domestic front. If paychecks are getting fatter, waist lines are expanding too. To ease off tension from people’s lives, spas have become the most chosen option to unwind in the city.

Her excitement knew no limits as she went on to describe the vision of her spa. “We treat our customers with love and care, and also give guidance to them for the best treatment to suit their skin type. So if it’s anyone looking for simple body relaxation or a glowing facial, we have it all for them.” Simran adds “ It’s been only 2 months since we opened up, but the response we got from our customers has been amazing. People from all walks of life come to get regular things done, but end up getting more. “ Such is the attraction of Persona.

A spa with a difference spells Persona, a luxury spa offering all the basic essentials for that royal feeling. Situated in the heart of Rajouri Garden, the parlor has a welcoming ambience to flatter anyone who enters it. I got to experience the serene and warm feel of the spa as I was greeted by the receptionist. Home to tired bodies, this was the prefect place for a relaxing experience. The co-founder, Ms. Simran Chatwal, welcomed me with a warm smile. 

As I looked around I could feel an aura of immense peace and harmony. Each massage room with comfortable beds had dimly lit candles with a mystifying smell to please your senses. I was just too interested to bathe in luxury and comfort more than anything at that moment.

I too could feel the warmth of the place as I spoke to a beautician who was excitedly telling me to go for a facial called Derma Peel. Recommended for women who have a busy lifestyle at work and home, this facial helps in unclogging blocked pores while making the skin fairer. I was ushered to the room for the treatment. The therapist called it the Derma Peel Urban White facial which is extremely beneficial to remove pigmentation and close open pores of the face.

She slathered a scrub peel with enzyme that was later followed by a serum and cream massage. The massage was working on me the right way and soon I dozed off. After the delightful massage a pack was applied for some time to ensure that the open pores are sealed. The facial was definitely a worth try. My face felt cleansed and gleamed with radiance. The Derma Peel Urban White facial costs Rs. 3,500.

The therapist also suggested a body massage to soothe my nerves. She suggested a Lava shell massage which is great for Calcium absorption for women who are in their late 30’s. Since calcium deficiency leads to brittle bones, this massage works wonders for joints and eradicates stiffness and pain. After the oil is rubbed on the body, the shell is activated and applied , starting from toes that goes up to the face.

The one hour massage was very relaxing. With the fragrance of scented oils in a dimly lit room, I was almost in heaven. This heavenly experience costs Rs.5000 for a session. It will truly make you feel divine. It would be better if the oil stays in the body for a longer duration. The more it remains, the higher is the calcium absorption.

The invigorating experience by the divine massage was soon followed by a herbal tea that had a concoction of aromatic herbs and flavors. The massage was enlightening and so was the hospitality. I would definitely give thumbs up for the great quality in service, ambience and therapy.

Come to Personsa luxury spa if you wish to experience heavenly bliss on Earth.
Persona Luxury Salon and Spa
A-29, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden,
New Delhi – 110027,
Ph. – 45028613/4/5
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