Experience Age Old Ayurvedic Therapies at Six Senses Spa Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort

India is well known for
its deep rooted inclination towards Ayurveda that adopts the ancient cleaning
and healing methods to promote the overall health and wellness of an individual. 
Keeping in pace with the changing lifestyle and hectic schedule of the people
today, there had been a significant growth and development in ayurvedic

Ayurvedic therapies are
derived from three fundamental universal energies, known as Tridosha, that
regulate natural healing process at all levels. The Six Senses Spa at Jaypee
Greens Golf and Spa Resort offers a range of holistic ayurvedic treatments that rejuvenate a person’s mind, body and soul. These therapies focus on
both prevention and cures by recommending treatments based on the balance of
one’s body.Through this they prescribe the type of spa treatment,
herbs, oils and the type of massage.


Come and give yourself a
new life by indulging in the ancient world of luxury. Rejuvenate and revive
your senses with authentic therapeutic oil massage treatments at Six Senses

Ayur Nidra, 60 minutes Rs 4900.00

Meaning ‘mind, body and
soul relaxation’ in Sanskrit, this journey is designed to improve the overall
quality of sleep. This is a meditative sequence of purification, body therapies
and bathing with special Ayurvedic ingredients according to your body
constitution. A unique integration of healing sounds marma massage and chakra
healing to purify the mind and balance all the seven major chakras.
Marma Massage, 75 minutes  
Rs 5900.00 
There are 107 marma
points throughout the body. Each point has its own intelligence and
consciousness which co-ordinate with the mind and body. The marma massage can
be used as a part of a rejuvenation therapy or as a preventative measure to
maintain an individual’s health balance.

Pizhichil, 110 minutes
MRP: Rs 8500.00
Pizhichil is a special
form of therapy combining oil massage and heat treatment. Using medicated
warm oils on the whole body, a synchronized massage is carried out under a
constant flow of warm herbal oil. Beneficial for various ailments such as sleep
disturbance, nervousness, hypertension, joint problems, muscle tension and the
loss of body’s strength, this treatment nourishes nerve tissues and body

Ayurveda Aromatherapy –
Abhyang, 1 hour 20 minutes MRP: Rs 6200.00
This exquisite and deluxe
full body treatment is the ultimate in holistic luxury encompassing a unique
marriage of techniques from ancient and modern therapies. Carefully created
signature blends for the body are used, with full head and facial treatments
and rituals addressing the chakras, nadis and marmas.
Surrender to the sublime
and invigorating experiences at the Six Senses Spa, a unit of
the globally renowned Six Senses Spa (Thailand) in India.
Spread over 90,000 sq. ft, it offers a mesmerizing array of holistic therapies
administered by professionals, with every visit promising complete harmony for
the mind, body and soul.
The Six Senses Spas’
philosophy of balancing all the senses is creatively represented in
the spa menu, which features nurturing and soothing treatments as well as
results-oriented therapies and personalised as at Jaypee Greens Golf
& Spa Resort is set amidst 60 acres of pristine land in Greater
Noida, a suburb of New Delhi. It has been expertly integrated into the
naturally beautiful landscape to provide a true oasis for the resort guests,
residents and the residents living in the entire National Capital Region.
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