Caterspoint – Healthy & Hygienic Food Delivered at Home

2021 gears up with Food delivery and the customers always look upto places that not just sell great food but are timely and hygienic too.

As home bound work continues, people mostly prefer home cooked meals but sometimes to change the taste of the palette, home delivery becomes one of the options for food lovers. For me, hygiene is always a priority, so when I researched on for some healthy food options my search ended at Caterspoint.

Few days back, I ordered from them and was elated with my choice. Here are few reasons why you must order food from Caterspoints –

Hygiene – So the most important point to consider food from outside is the hygiene factor. They are very careful with their masks and gloves while delivering the food.

Quality – The food we ordered was warm, fresh and aromatic as if it just came out of the kitchen.

Packaging – each item was carefully packed and delivered. Paper Boxes for sandwiches, plastic box for salad and a hard paperback box for desserts. Result – no leakage, spillage or careless food handling.

Timely delivery – The food from Caterspoint was delivered on time by the rider.

Flavorsome and healthy – Caterspoint ensures they use ingredients free from preservatives or harmful chemicals. They use fresh herbs and spices that serve as healing foods for the body. We felt light and at ease after finishing a big sandwich.

Cutleries and tissues – Food deliveries seem complete when they come with cutleries and tissues. We had forks and spoons with each dish, so our food experience was excellent.

Food Review –

We had ordered an avocado prawn sandwich and a chicken sandwich.  Complete with vegetables, herbs and dressings these cold sandwiches are something we fell in love with. The brown bread adds to the health quotient. The fillings were perfect to taste.

The chicken salad is something any health conscious person should order. Vegetables lined up neatly and spruced with herbs feels heavenly in each bite. Crunchy, wholesome and complete is what this salads sums up as.

The basil pasta was my favorite since I love basil pesto as a dressing. The aroma of this dish is so lingering that it remains even after the dish is over. Pasta is perfect in taste with its smooth texture.

A banana blueberry smoothie went well with the dishes. Our happiness knew no limits when we opened the mango custard. We aren’t a big fan of custards but this one swept us with its smooth creamy texture complete with mango chunks. It was delicious.

I conclude this review with a special mention about their food variants that spell health and flavor. They are particular about their safety and hygiene and adhere to all Covid rules and regulations.

Order from @caterspoint for a delightful food experience.

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