Ayatana Coorg – An Eco friendly luxury resort in South India

Coorg, a destination with verdant greenery offers a fantastic escapade to nature lovers. Soaked in green cover is the gorgeous Ayatana Resort that is a combination of luxury and natural elements.

How to reach

Coorg is close to Bangalore and Mysore. People traveling from Delhi need to take a flight to Bangalore and then travel 6 hours to reach Coorg. Our morning flight was scheduled on time and we reached Ayatana in the afternoon.

On reaching the destination, we realized it was worth the winding journey. Soaked in green cover, Ayatana speaks volumes with the sound of birds. The natural sounds of birds echo throughout the property as you prepare to take in the soothing ambiance and get drenched in nature’s vibe.

Welcomed with a sit-down check-in, the arrival experience is a marvel for the senses – complete with a welcome drinks. The welcome experience is enhanced by thoughtful design details – beautiful marble floors and custom art pieces.

The design seamlessly blends the natural elements with touches authentic to the destination, creating a dramatic, yet calming atmosphere. The flooring evokes the flow of the river echoing nature’s craft at its best. Minimal furniture, a big tree making its way through the lounge area looks alluring. Between absolute relaxation in the natural setting, you enter the highest spheres of refinement and elegance at Ayatana.

The location

Ayatana is spread acres of green cover with well manicured gardens, huge trees, small ponds with ducks and thousands of birds and butterflies. The place is literally a paradise.

In the true style of the rambling nature resort, there are lavishly furnished rooms with luxury amenities.


The room has a soothing palate of beige and light grey. A queen size bed with a headboard and side lamps, two deeply welcoming chairs usher the comfort level and add grace to the room. The room has soft lighting but gets adjusted with the natural flow of light coming inside the room and illuminates an exceptionally spacious room. The air conditioning breezes across the white linens of a bed, a small fridge is kept where you can stack your food and beverages.

Opposite the bed with soft white linen and a throw, there is a wall-mounted flat screen television with few channels streaming.

The highlight is the balcony with a sight to behold. Every room has a veranda with chairs and table offering breathtaking view of the giant trees and well maintained plants.

The Bathroom

There is sophistication to their grey-tiled bathroom with its subtle lights and spacious dimensions. A rain shower, a marble sink with luxury toiletries make the bathroom utterly contemporary.


A few meters ahead, there are several facilities one can use like a spa offering traditional ayurveda massage services and temptingly warm swimming pool. However the highlight is their majestic waterfall where you can stand under the gushing water and reclaim your energy.

There is also a quintessential setting at the bar where you can enjoy a glass of merlot in the evening, overlooking the pool and the waterfall which is an irresistible option. The Bar leads into a light conservatory style area where you can relax with a book in your hand or simply gaze in into the breathtaking scenic views.


Guests will enjoy inspired culinary offerings in an inviting space, with an air of celebration infused into every meal.

The restaurant offers you views of the waterfall and the pool at Ayatana, which is matched only by the excellent service and food options. The selection of food at the buffet paired with fresh juices invite you to savor a deliberately ecstatic moment which lingers on forever.

The cocktails and fresh juices prepared here have a taste of legend. Breakfast at the restaurant mixes both buffet and cooked to order.

It satisfies the healthy contingent and also those stacking up on a cooked breakfast. Lunch and dinner menus offer local specialties: prawns, mutton, chicken steak and seafood which is a selection of locally caught fish and shellfish.

Try to get seated in the fresco area so you can enjoy the sunshine while devouring the breakfast. At dinner, you can enjoy the night-lights shimmering as a reflection in the pool – a breathtaking sight.


Adjoining the pool is the spa that offers relaxing massages and therapeutic treatments for the guests. The area is dimly lit with gentle rays from the outdoors falling in. The gentle music, lingering aroma of fresh flowers add to the magic of the spa ambiance. The spa rooms are equipped with wooden beds, rain showers and window to gaze into the green foliage while getting a massage done.

We had booked ourselves for Swedish massage and looked forward to the experience.  Plush robes and slippers are given to guests and valuables are kept safely in the locker. The soothing aroma and music is so relaxing that you tend to doze off. The 60 minutes Swedish therapy is a conjugation of soft strokes and gentle movements that help the guest to unwind completely. The part of the body that needs extra attention is given more attention. The gentle aroma helps in calming the nerves and accentuate in calming the nerves. The spa ends with a warm shower followed by herbal tea.


If you like to explore the adventurous side, you may want to try flying fox. Trekking and bird watching are some of the other activities that one can enjoy too. For water lovers, the waterfall experience is a must. Standing under the gushing speed of water literally wakes up the senses.  

The final verdict

Ayatana Coorg is a luxurious eco friendly hotel perfect for exploring nature at its best. It exhibits real warmth and thoughtfulness by the staff.


Aratt Estate, Somwarpet, Kumarahalli, Karnataka 571236

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: 099455 02000

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