Chitwan National Park – a rare jewel in Nepal

Today I’m taking you to a land of snow peaks and sherpas, yaks and yetis, monasteries and mantras,where ancient temples, shrines, palaces and monuments offer a glimpse into the past. The place is , Chitwan National Park, a rare jewel in Nepal.

Its dramatic landscapes of dense Sal groves, thick grasslands and meandering water bodies, coupled with the breathtaking wildlife, make it one of the most sought after destinations in Nepal

From its prime position nestled on the banks of the Raptiriver, Meghauli Serai offers spectacular views of the parkacross the river from its 30 rooms and suites.

Chitwan National Park is home to an astounding550native bird species, including the Great Hornbill, Ruddy Shelduck and Pied Kingfisher, and approximately 68 species of mammals.

The majestic Royal Bengal tiger, leopards, wild dogs and sloth bears are in abundance in this natural paradise, but the park’s main attraction is the GreaterOne-horned Rhinoceros. With its armour-like body plates and a solitary horn, the rhino isthe Park’s local celebrity.

Details :

Place : Ward no 1 Narayani Nager Palika Chitwan National Park Nepal, Meghauli 44207, Nepal

Tel : 1800 111 1825


Tariff: Rs 13,000 Onwards

Website :

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