Ten ways to beat the blues in the lockdown period

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Corona Virus has encircled the world and now the lockdown period is running. With health officials giving us update on the rise of CoVid 19,  it becomes our responsibility to do our bit for the world. For starters, we need to understand the consequences of this deadly pandemic and that the person infected not just dies alone but spreads the disease in the air too.

So it’s highly imperative that we stay indoors and take the lockdown period more serious than ever.

This blog post highlights the benefit of staying indoors and what we can do for our mental health as well as physical strength.

Practice Yoga –

This simple yet effective means to stay fit and healthy goes a long way in the journey of life. Not only does it help in improvising metabolism, it also tends to end stress and boost metabolism. The yogic movements done through hatha yoga helps in focusing on breathing and distributing prana to the cells in the body. This helps in improving immunity and defeating fatigue.

Pranayam –

Pranayam is an effective way to focus on deep breathing and eliminating toxins from the body. The constant flow of breath encourages improved breathing pattern, thus removing diseases from the body. It helps in relaxation, getting rid of anxiety, improving metabolism, balancing hormones, getting rid of hunger pangs, improving mood and also reducing weight. Daily practicing pranayam tends to also shed off years from your face and makes you feel more active and happier.

Cooking –

You may not believe it, but cooking is an art that is therapeutic and also helps in deceasing stress levels. You feel more connected with the source of dishes and thus give love and care to the meal you prepare for your family. Moreover, the meal preparation can be a time for family bonding as you can encourage your kids to participate in cooking. There are also loads to recipes on the YouTube that are filled with interesting recipes to cook for kids.

Gardening –

Although we live in apartments or flats, I’m sure everyone has a garden in the balcony. Watering the plants is an excellent way to connect with nature. You will be surprised with the benefits that one can get out of this daily deed.

DIY projects –

      There are some amazing creative things that we can make during this lockdown period. Making the          best out of recycled products is the best way to keep your family occupied.

Family Time –

The stressful lives of each family has surprisingly taken a back seat these days. Now families can come closer with each other through several activities like indoor games, watching movies together, doing household chores, having meals together and so on.

Contemplate within –

As a travel blogger, I have simply loved traveling and venturing each city on my own, but now I feel it’s important to travel within. This is the best time to take a pause and travel within to see what we actually need. This is the time when need to grow mentally and spiritually.

Exercising –

It must be daunting for people who are used to gyms and jogging outdoors. But taking up cardio exercises at home while watching YouTube is something is very advisable; it not just peps up the mood, but also helps in shedding off the calories.

Telecommunication –

The Internet is a blessing these days and we are super happy that we get the time to connect with our families and friends living abroad. The lifestyles in the past made it impossible for us, but now that we have the time and convenience, it is definitely a great idea to bring our nears and dears closer.

Writing –

This activity is something I really want to advice. I personally feel we must all stat writing journals or a daily ledger of activities. This is a brilliant way to pen down our thoughts and align with our true self. Our thought become more clear and precise and we get to know what we truly want in life.

I hope this article has helped you in some way. Do leave your comments if you feel there is something left out. Till then, Stay home, Stay Safe 🙂

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