Side Wok, CP – No Side Business here

Side Wok, in CP is just the
answer for a quaint evening with your friends or someone special. An all day restaurant
with cuisine from East Asia, this place truly deserves an experience for people
who love to experiment with new flavors. Situated in the outer circle of CP on
the first floor, Side Wok looks impressive with dim lights attracting
onlookers. Follow the stairs to be greeted by warm hospitality and ever-smiling
staff in Side Wok. Weekends are usually packed; it is therefore advisable to
book a table before coming. If you have your own vehicle, you might struggle
with the parking as it a tedious task to find a space.

Chic and modern, the brick-walls
in a cool tinge look appealing at the first impression. The simple and elegant furniture
in red tones match up with subtle hues of the restaurant. After you are seated,
a fortune cookie is presented before you giving you a mini horoscope that is
delightful and interesting.

To start our experience, we were
suggested the Seafood Lemon Grass Soup clear soup by the chef. The soup
has a divine flavor that satiates your appetite. Devoid of corn flour, the Thai
soup is made with sea food stock and has small pieces of prawns and fish with
the flavor of lemon grass. To match up with this sinful soup, the chef
suggested Crunchy Spring Rolls. The Deep fried pancakes stuffed with shredded
chicken vegetables and tossed with ginger & soya sauce looked delicious. I
loved the way it was presented but the stuffing however failed to impress me.The
Beijing Chicken was another starter that he suggested which had diced chicken
pieces tossed with chilies, nuts & cooking wine. It was delicious. You can
even relish Beijing chilly which is prepared with chilies and peanuts giving
you a sweet and hot taste; avoid eating those red chilies as they are extremely

We were stuffed to the brim after
the starters; but the chef suggested a Clay pot to enjoy the main course.
Accompanied with rice, there is a choice of Prawn, Chicken or Vegetable made
with garlic wine in Thai Chili sauce. I was not so happy with the
main course as it was nothing but corn flour smeared on vegetables in a pungent
garlic flavor with excessive salt. The enduring flavour of the starters was
eventually disrupted by the choice of the main course.

To steer us back to the aroma and
taste, we were offered cocktails that were well-prepared to beat the sultry
weather outside. The watermelon mojito would go well with fruit lovers like me.
Tangy flavour with watermelon chunks make this sweet drink a hit with your
taste buds.

If you have a sweet tooth, don’t
forget to close your meal with the Tiramisu, an Italian dessert made
with coffee and whipped mixture of eggs and mascarpone cheese.
Sinful and scrumptious!
Side wok is a place I would
recommend for people who enjoy variations in food. Interestingly the place is
affordable, which makes it a nice hang out place too for youngsters.
Star Rating: 3.5

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