Nature’s untouched abode – V Resorts

Settled amidst the calm and

majestic pristine surrounding, there is a stillness that reverberates your
senses and makes you want to live here forever. Such is the magic of the newly
discovered VResorts. Located around 450 Kms from Delhi, this quaint resort
looks magnificent in the terrestrial landscapes of Kumao regions. 

The drive to this magnetic
property is an adventure in itself. Gazing at some of the most exotic species
in the animal kingdom is a treat to any traveler. Although people prefer going
to Nainital in this belt, but staying at VResort would be more worth it. The
place speaks for itself as you enter the abode of VResorts.

While you are still dazed by the
herculean task of managing a hectic uphill drive, your nausea is almost 0%
percent as your car halts at the resort. Smiling attendants, breathtaking view
of the resort, lush greenery are all that are needed to brush aside the dirt
you picked up from your drive. The welcome drink is freshly made from the local
fruits of the region that freshen you up and sets you in a cheerful mood.

There are around 12 rooms in
VResorts that throw open a magnanimous view of landscaping surrounding the
resort. Fresh flowers that are grown in the property itself are placed in each
room to give a feeling of freshness and beauty. 

Each room has a luxurious edge to
it keeping in mind the décor matching well with the upholstery. Facilities like
LCD, Kettle with warm water, neat beds with clean blankets, mosquito repellants
make you feel at home. With hot running water in every bathroom, you can easily
get rid of the dirt you picked up on the way.

Each room has a wide and spacious
balcony, so while you sit and enjoy your tea, you can enjoy the majestic view
and feel the soft murmurs of the crisp, flowing air in your ear. The feeling is
divine; almost like nirvana just sitting there and connecting with Nature.
The service at VResort is
undoubtedly the best by far. Each attendant gives you undivided attention and
makes you feel like a king or queen. The food served at the resort is light and
delicious. If you love your simple
ka khaana,
you will relish each meal served at the resort. The chef at the
resort gives that special touch to every cuisine and makes sure guests are
well-fed. Although the A-La carte menu is also served, the table is well spread
with chef’s specialties at every meal. The breakfast, lunch and dinner have the
finest options to satiate your appetite and please you palate. 

Activities here are Vresorts are
plenty. So, even when you do get the time to move your eyes from the natural surroundings,
various indoor and outdoor gaming options are provided to give the guests
entertainment. The kids would love to lay their hands on some interesting art
work at the resort while the elders can play foosball in the gaming zone next
to the cafeteria. A bonfire under a star lit sky sets the perfect romantic feel
for any newlywed couple; not just them but a group of fun-loving students can
also sing their favorite songs on a guitar while enjoying the warmth of the bonfire
on a chilly evening.
Early morning sun rise is a must
watch here. The sun as it rises quietly amidst snow covered mountains and rests
in the clouds amidst the blue sky looks heavenly. This mesmerizing scene is
barely seen in the ever-crowded cities that we live in. The care-taker Mr.
Omkar is kind enough to take the tourists for a trek in the woods. The sight
one gets to watch is of the rarest and beautiful birds hidden amidst bamboo
trees and a small running stream that carries fresh water. A waterfall that
gives pure water can quench your thirst or a dip after your brief trek that is
much better than a shower in the washroom. The trek takes you through a lion’s
den as well and some pine and cedar trees that smell simply divine.

A small fish pond and a kitchen
garden with fresh vegetable is an interesting sight as you get to see on your
way back to the resort. The trek is long enough to rev up your appetite and
before you know it a table is laid for you with a variety of breakfast options
you could imagine. The chef makes delicious food that would make you feel back
at home.
If you are keen to enjoy the
natural surrounding more, you can get more it by sitting on a secluded area
that has a more panoramic view. The assistants are kind enough to bring you
chairs and table and beverages of your choice.
You are genuinely ensured of a memorable
stay at the Resorts. You take back genuine concern and the warm hospitality amidst
natural surrounding and comfortable living. If you are looking for more, there
are four other properties in destinations like Sattal, Pauri, Ramgarh and Almora. 
Founded by travel enthusiasts,
Aditi Balbir and  Vaibhav Dayal, the resort has all the comfort of a good
home stay. “We’ve seen both sides of travel, i.e. leisure and business. We’ve
realized that now we only want to travel for fun and not for work. We’re all
IIT/IIM grads and have been living the good and the bad of predictable life
pattern. Therefore we are setting up charming places at awesome locations for
all like-minded people to park themselves and have a super great holiday.”
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