Manaste – Naturally Beautiful

We all know that the skin reveals
your age. So isn’t it time you took care of it by applying something that is
free from harsh ingredients like phthalates, parables that have been linked to
cancer, hormonal imbalances and skin problems?

If that is not enough to consider
switching over to something natural and organic, perhaps this review will make
you re-think.
Manaste – Pure organic beauty products

Recently I reviewed two products from
Manaste – Mint scrub and Whipped Body butter. I cannot express my gratitude to
the beautiful founders – Mansi and Suhani who have created this amazing product
out of love and care for the skin.
Besides the natural ingredients
that fall in the product, the packaging is fabulous too. The black jar with the
wooden spoon makes it easy to use the product without spoiling it.
The Mint Scrub –

Although texture is always a big
concern when it comes to natural face scrubs, it is very imperative how the
scrub leaves your skin feeling once you’ve washed the scrub off your face.  Usually the ‘natural’ scrubs are packed with
some artificial butter concoction, but Manaste has all ingredients that are
edible and can be relished too.

Here’s the list of pure
Organic Sugar 39%, Sea Salt 22%, Sweet Almond Oil 10%,
Coconut Oil 9%, Apricot Oil 9%, Wheat Germ Oil 4%, Vitamin E Oil 2.5%, Jojoba
Oil 2.5%, Essential Oils: 1.5% Peppermint Oil, Organic Chlorophyll .5%.
The mint scrub leaves your skin silky smooth
and oil free. Mostly I have felt that the scrubs are heavy on the oil and
creams and leave your face greasy. That’s where I felt Manaste was different. Besides that, it also seals in the moisture
post the wash.
In addition, you are also left with a hint of mint that feels
refreshing the whole day. The best advantage is that you might want to skip
your regular perfume after using the scrub. I personally think it feels great
and smells amazing. The packaging of the scrub is so handy that you can even
take it while you are travelling.
The Whipped body butter–
Dense, Creamy and Concentrated
–   These are the three things that came
in mind when I opened the tiny jar of whipped body butter. It has the skin-softening goodness and is
packed with moisturizing oils and butters to create a thick, protective shield
against harsh weathers of India.
I also found it perfect as an overnight hand
and face cream that helps in replenishing the skin while my body is resting. I
like to ensure my hands that can get scaly and rough, get the deep moisture
they need during the repair. The best thing is that it is so thick and lush, that
it retains moisture without any oily feeling.
Here’s the list of pure
Shea Butter 39%, Cocoa Butter
14%, Coconut Oil 14%, Sweet Almond Oil 14%, Apricot Oil 14%, Jojoba Oil 2%,
Rice Bran emollient 1.8%, Wheat Germ Oil .5%, Vitamin E Oil .5%, Essential Oils
.2%: Cinnamon – Twisted Cinnamon. The raw organic cacao and shea butter are the
main ingredients that make this creamy goodness a star.
Besides actual performance, what made
me fall in love with was the heavenly cinnamon scent. It is a very light scent,
but stays true to you the whole day. I especially like this light, feminine
scent while I sleep that helps me to calm and soothe my senses.Now I know that the whipped
butter cream shall always be my companion wherever I travel. The cute jar makes
it easy to find space in mind and helps me to stay fresh all day long too.
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