Luxury Cinema Experience – PVR Director’s Cut

Picture this! You are in between an intense movie scene while sipping an iced tea relaxing on a comfortable recliner –  head rested on a soft cushion, feet off the ground. Another high drama and you know a comforting cheese pizza can handle it.

No we are not talking about movies@home on a Sunday evening. This magic is all coming from the Director’s cut. Located in the plush Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, the PVR Director’s Cut brings hospitality and entertainment for people who love their food as much as they love their movies.

The luxurious offering from PVR that opened in October 3rd, 2011, houses four movie theaters with a total capacity of 282, a multi-cuisine luxury fine dining restaurant HOME, a patteserie and a bookstore.

The largest  Audi can seat 108 people and the smallest one can accommodate about 25 people. Interestingly, each Audi has interiors in different colors like purple, tan, cherry and black to add variety to the whole experience.

The concept marries two thrilling ideas, that of luxury and cinema, bringing to connoisseurs, an experience of a lifetime. The moment you walk into Director’s Cut, you are welcomed with a sight that wasps you. Interiors are melodramatically classic and contemporary bringing out film-based art in numerous forms, so as to underline the classic quality of the experience.

You can simply soak in the aroma of international coffees gliding through the swish interiors of the Director’s Cut lounge. As you enter the auditorium, a waft of luxury is all around you. The attendant walks you to your ruling throne, only to find recliner cushioned seats, a white lamp that sits on a console beside it, and a remote to take care of your hunger pangs.

 Covid Safe

The best part of the PVR Director’s cut is their covid safety protocols. From the staging area to the food corner and the washroom, each corner is carefully sanitized. Servers and staff are always wearing masks and gloves to provide you with utmost safety and security.

As you take the plush seat, you glide into your comfort zone. The best part is you are not observed by your neighbor’s glance who is seated at a decent distance from you.

Since Covid norms are applicable, there is a safe distance between seats for viewers. Even families are encouraged to leave the gap of a seat in between.

Surround Sound

The digital surround sound of 7.1 evokes a magical experience as you start enjoying the movie while sipping your refreshment. As the temperature drops and the light dims, you can surround yourself amidst a luxurious escape. If hunger seems disturbing, you can call the attendants with the help of a remote next to you.

It might seem a task to select from an exhaustive menu of delicacies like Mexican pizza Margareta, Chicken Tikka Roll, Shawarma Roll, Caesar salad in a dim light. But the scan code next to the seat can help you browse through the varity of food options they have, thus to maintain the decorum in the hall. The scan code works on Wi-Fi that goes directly to the kitchen where the order is placed and reaches you in a few minutes.

While you reach the epilogue of the movie, you can lower the recliner even further for a more comfortable experience.

As the movie ends, the fun doesn’t stop there. Quite different from the usual cinema experience where you are ushered to the exit, here you land back to the place where you started. So, a lounge with a wall displaying photographs of filmmakers like Ashutosh Gowariker, Farhan Akhtar, Karan Johar, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Yash Chopra adorn the wall. You can sit here and discuss your experience with your friends or move to the adjoining book store that houses posters, mugs, rare DVD editions, signed memorabilia and upscale cinema related merchandise that round off the total experience.

The Late veteran filmmaker Yash Chopra was enthralled with the concept. He says “This is an outstanding experience for cinema audiences in India. Instead of watching the movie, going home and relaxing, the experience can be stretched to sitting with friends at the lounge and discussing the movieright here.” If you are lucky, you can spot ace directors who come occasionally at the premier of the movie.

The movie experience can be made a lifetime for people who do things differently. If you love to surprise your family, you can plan Movie on Demand. Tailored to suit the fun quotient in special moments, these movies are played according to the choice of guests. The smaller theatres even offer celebrations or theme based parties. To raise the bar, slides of particular themes for different occasions are played to make these occasions magical.

The Directors Cut is a luxurious experience altogether. Give yourself a visual treat from the usual trend of watching movies and make the experience a holistic one!

The place is incredibly safe and you don’t have to worry about anything while watching the movie. You can book your tickets online here.

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