Antidote – Refreshing and Healthy Juices

Health and wellness needs no
reason to start off. You can just register in your mind that your health is
your wealth. Last month, I came across a fabulous workshop that targeted wellness
organized by Antidote – a company that has a wide range of juices that are
healthy for the gut and taste brilliant. I never knew that my visit to this
place could be so enjoyable and yet enriching.

The venue was Jor Bagh in Delhi.
I reached in the afternoon and attended the session on Nutrition, followed by yoga
and a Kundalini session. After the sessions, I visited the different stalls
that were put up on the ground level. The Antidote drinks displayed a fine
range of juices and I was happy to try a few of them.
Antidote – An Introduction
Founded by two young and dynamic sisters,
Carol Singh and Nadia Singh Bahl in 2013 Antidote customizes the drinks to
accommodate consumer needs wherever possible. They pride themselves in
providing organic, chemical-free, preservative-free and delicious juices. I was
given few bottles to sample by the founder.  
Why is Antidote recommended for health and wellness?
We always want to aim at losing that extra pound without even thinking about the harm we might be doing in reducing the goodness of essential vitamins and minerals. The Antidote juices are a great option
for first timers or anyone who wants to kick-start a healthy lifestyle and also shed the kilos.
Furthermore, these drinks are an easy and convenient way to fast weight loss. They are all natural and great for the body as they have no side effects. Here’s my review on the juices I sampled –

THE ELIXIR – Made with the
goodness of Kale, Tomato, Cucumber, Celery, Black Pepper & Sea Salt, this
drink is a power dose. I really enjoyed the sweet freshness of this one. It is
definitely an appropriate name for this juice; it tastes like what a green
juice should taste like –  green, refreshing and healthy. The cucumber gives this
juice a light and energizing taste while the Tomato and Celery add a perfect
balance of sweetness. If you’re not used to green juices this is a great one to
start with this one.

THE ALKALIZER – Apple, Courgette,
Parsley & Peppermint – The apple, Parsley & Peppermint help diffuse the
Courgette flavor so it’s not too strong, just a bit “earthy.” Nonetheless it’s
a refreshing juice that acts as a spring-cleaning for your body and taste

THE ENERGIZER Apple, bell pepper, basil, ginger & noni
extract – The simplicity of this juice is what makes it so bold. It’s smooth,
sweet, refreshing and has the right amount of kale to make it work.
REJUVENATOR Apple, carrot, beetroot, ginger &
mangosteen extract –   You can definitely taste the tartness from the
apples and beetroot  but the carrot, and mangosteen
extract make it perfectly light and sweet. The kick in this drink is very
subtle, just enough to put a little pep in your evening so it’s perfect for
dinner. After ENERGIZER this one is my next favorite.
After the drinks, I felt great and not hungry. The night I tried the first drink, I woke up feeling refreshed and better
rested than I have in the past week. I felt totally present, focused and
energetic during my workout, I love that feeling! I think these drinks are the easiest and
most enjoyable way to cleanse your system.
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